Colby Covington Talks Down to Jon Jones

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Colby Covington Talks Down to Jon Jones

The rivalry between Jon Jones and Colby Covington has continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This follows after the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion was arrested for drunk driving. Colby Covington took this opportunity to destroy Jones in a public manner, calling him a dirtbag and demanding that Jon would be better off in jail. These remarks follow after Colby Covington was speaking with Mike Heck’s Podcast. Called What the Heck – Chaos Edition, he expressed that his former roommate has become a steroid addict. That’s why Colby believes that Jon Jones drinks excessively and cheats on his wife regularly. Claims from Covington weren’t responded by the Light Heavyweight Champion, who won’t compete for the minimum of twelve months after this latest arrest.

Colby Covington has attended numerous podcasts from the virtual seat in the last several days. An additional podcast with Alexander Lee’s MMA Fighting, where Colby noted that we’re going through the worst pandemic is 100+ years, and this man decides to drive drunk. Covington mentioned that this behaviour is consistent with the Jon Jones he knew in college, where the champion would continually break the rules and not care about the consequences. It should be noted that Jon Jones has a significant number of charges, often relating to violence and drinking.

Colby then got personal to his former roommate, informing the Light Heavyweight Champion that he’s still a dirtbag. That you even cheat on your wife like back in college, that those steroids won’t make you feel any better and that you’ll never return to normal. Considering that Colby Covington lived with Jon Jones, it’s safe to say these remarks would be devasting for the champion to hear. Statements with Alexander Lee finished by Colby noting Jon Jones is a piece of shit and deserves to go to jail.

Previous Run-Ins

Most fans behind Jon Jones aren’t aware that he’s maintained multiple run-ins with law enforcement throughout his MMA Career. These law enforcement issues started long before his career as well. Considering this foolish man believes he’s the greatest fighter of all time, Jon Jones sure doesn’t portray the role like Muhammed Ali. Jones doesn’t stand for advocacy groups, or his fellow man like Ali previously did. No, the Light Heavyweight Champion is most concerned about his image. Similar to Floyd Mayweather Junior.