CM Punk Did He Deserve MMA Stripes?

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CM Punk Did He Deserve MMA Stripes?

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport in which action takes place without the assistance of teammates or timeouts to stall the pitching momentum of the opponent. Previous victories, mostly or often magnified by current failures and it takes guts, courage and determination to rise to the top.

Courage is something most fans takes for granted in the MMA fighters. CM Punk wasn’t a fighter two years ago, yet the multi-millionaire was out to satisfy his competitive side. Obviously, there are many ways to achieve this, although he decided to step into the cage to face an opponent. He not only wanted to compete, he desired it the hard way, a lesson he might regret now. If he does it is not showing as he remains steadfast in his quest, his persistence is astounding and well worthy of admiration.

CM Punk Most Certainly Earned His MMA Stipes

Despite many believing that CM Punk did not deserve the opportunity to fight in the MMA premier promotion, the fact remains that he has proven himself as a UFC level fighter. The UFC show was bound to draw a much larger audience due to his participation. The question remained how many would be on his side, although he might have won over thousands due to his willingness and courage to try again.

His week of training was everything but focussed since he also had to deal with a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, which he won, although it had a major impact on his concentration that should be purely on cutting weight and training. It is most certainly not how he wanted to spend his time, as the major life event got dangerously close.

Maybe by winning the lawsuit, his week or circumstances improved, the result decided in the hardest way. With the audience being nothing but unforgiving CM Punk faced quite a difficult Saturday. But, would most be wrong as his courage, persistence and never-giving-up frame of mind is what earned him his MMA stripes.

Punk Didn’t Have Enough for Mike Jackson

CM Punk failed against Mike Jackson and had a standing ovation from hometown as entered the cage to fight. CM Punk looked out of his league even though he did put a lot of heart in his fight. But as he tired, Mike Jackson had no mercy and turned up the heat. Still CM Punk showed just how tough he is in going the distance, while his opponent showed no urgency to finish and completely controlled the last minutes. Jackson said he was not as relaxed or cool as normal since Illinois doesn’t allow marijuana.