Charles Olivera Defeats Tony Ferguson

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Charles Olivera Defeats Tony Ferguson

The legendary prowess & skillsets of Tony Ferguson are becoming dismantled regularly. After Justin Gaethje defeated Ferguson earlier this year, most didn’t anticipate he’d compete until the new year. Tony returned promptly after recovering from his destructive battle with Gaethje, selecting Charles Oliveira as his next opponent. Ferguson was confident that winning this fight was guaranteed but would soon find out that Oliveira was more vital than ever.

Charles Oliveira destroyed Tony Ferguson, with onlookers & home viewers shocked by the destructive punches being laid-out against the former Interim Lightweight Champion. Reporters questioned Ferguson on what’d happened to his fighting spirit, where Tony responded that he’d return to the gym & determine what must be fixed. Never before has Tony Ferguson experienced two consecutive losses, as most analysts claim that age is beginning to limit the former champion contender.

Trainers permitted on-scene were screaming for Ferguson to improve his stance, as Charles Oliveira continued assaulting Tony with multiple takedowns. Oliveira was continually working towards submissions throughout the three rounds, as Ferguson had hardly survived the onslaught & was often saved by the round-ending bell. Anyone watching saw that Oliveira was controlling this fight, prompting his 8th consecutive victory in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Tony Ferguson didn’t respond to reporters when questioned about his performance, with the former champion contender waiting to collect his thoughts & discuss the matter over Instagram. Ferguson mentioned that he hadn’t any excuses for what had happened. Attacking combinations from Oliveira were welcomed by Ferguson, meaning his defence was minimal. Tony hadn’t accounted for the speed of Charles Oliveira.

1st Round Fear

There was an incident in the first round that saw fear strike Tony Ferguson’s eyes. Charles Oliveira performed a submission on Fergusson, which led towards an unexpected armbar. Footage shows how Tony’s arm was torqued & twisted to the point of almost breaking. If performed earlier in the first round, Ferguson would’ve likely lost the fight. Photographic evidence from Ferguson’s Instagram post highlights there wasn’t any severe damage to his left-arm & will be capable of competing again next year. UFC President Dana White will likely give Tony Ferguson another chance to win. If he loses, then retirement will be forced.