Cerrone Denies Recent Rumours

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Cerrone Denies Recent Rumours

The upcoming bout against Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor has been the priority story for the Ultimate Fighting Championship this month. The most recent rumour regarding this fight is that the Cowboy has been paid a significant figure to take a dive against McGregor. This rumour comes after Cerrone will receive his highest payday to date over a 13-year career. However, the contestant for the welterweight division has denied these rumours extensively.

Most analysts and fanatics have taken the side of Donald Cerrone, believing that he won’t take a dive in the fight. Cerrone has consistently trained and fought for thirteen years, with McGregor not winning any combat sporting event since 2016 against Eddie Alvarez. Since that win, he has experienced losses against Floyd Mayweather Junior and Khabib. The Cowboy straightforwardly losing to McGregor would be suggestive of a five and mark would see Dana White lose millions of fans worldwide. The potential backlash against the UFC isn’t worth the associated cost of pleasing Conor McGregor, who was barely accepted back into the fighting competition

Dana White didn’t want Conor McGregor returning to the UFC, which came after he had assaulted an elderly gentleman while intoxicated. Since 2016, McGregor has also been investigated for two instances of sexual assault. The allegations and drama surrounding McGregor could’ve been horrendous for the UFC if he returned. However, after fans pleaded for his return, McGregor was allowed back into the fighting competition for the associated profits he would bring to Dana White.

Donald Cerrone Opens Up

The Cowboy hasn’t taken these rumours lightly, with him coming out to reporters and defending himself extensively. Cerrone mentioned that not only will he defeat the Irishman and rest claim to his career, but he will also defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov for the championship title in 2020. This American MMA Fighter guaranteed that he would do everything in his power to ensure that McGregor won’t get a rematch with Khabib. The Cowboy even said that he wouldn’t listen to the UFC if they told him to throw the fight.

The Cowboy comments noted that he wouldn’t bow down from any variation of this fight and that all the rumours are bullshit. Cerrone also mentioned that no paycheque could force him to take a dive against any fighter, that he would never be able to look into the mirror going forward. Donald Cerrone finished his comments by saying he’d rather fight for free than take a dive against that pathetic Irishman, which wouldn’t set McGregor off for this upcoming fight.