Tito Ortiz III vs Chuck Liddell is a Fight for the Future

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Tito Ortiz III vs Chuck Liddell is a Fight for the Future

The first time an event in the MMA managed to exceed a million PPV buys was in early 2006 when over a million homes watched UFC 66. The headline fight was between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell in Las Vegas, a rematch of a fearsome fight from two years earlier that only managed to do 10% of PPV business. The two legendary lightweight fighters were breaking new ground and managed to carry MMA to new heights in terms of money.

The Third Fight Between Liddell and Ortiz

More than 12 years later, “The Bad Boy” and “The Iceman” are preparing to go up against each other for a third time in Los Angeles on Saturday evening with the hopes of redefining the MMA dynamic once again in terms of earnings. “Should we be able to hit over a million in PPV buys, I’ll be making more money on this upcoming fight than all my previous fights combined,” Orbitz stated on Monday evening during his appearance on a popular MMA show.

The question is, how on earth is that actually possible? Tito Ortiz fought a total of 27 times during his career in the UFC, stretching from 1997 through 2012, and has recently even fought a total of 4 times in Bellator. Ortiz stated that he only managed to receive around 2% or 3% of PPV earnings when he was fighting in the UFC. However, for this upcoming fight, he will receive a whopping 30%. “The payout will not only be based on PPV sales but as well as sponsorship income and gate revenue,” Ortiz stated earlier this week.

Can They Reach a Million PPV?

Reaching anywhere close to a million PPV buys for the Ortiz III versus Liddell fights is far-fetched to be perfectly honest. Both these fighters are regarded as UFC champions with incredible resumes. However, both of them haven’t had a decent fights in years. Liddell, with a 21-8 record, is currently 48 years old and hasn’t been in a real fight for the last eight years. He also lost five of the last six matches before he decided to walk away from the UFC. On the other hand, Ortiz is currently 49 years of age and managed to participate in a fight in 2017. However, he will return to the octagon after a fifth neck surgery where he declared that he is done with fighting. Well, that was the case until this one rolled around.

Ortiz will essentially look for much-needed revenge as Liddell managed to knock him out on both occasions when they met in the ring. “I never wanted to come back, but its Chuck I’ll be facing, and for that alone, I’ll make an exception.” Liddell sees this fight as the perfect way to get ready for a return to the MMA. “Should I win this bout, and I feel anywhere near as good as I think I would, I will undoubtably search for another opponent.”

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Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone

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Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone

The question on everyone’s lips and mind are whether the fight of Donald Cerrone vs Conor McGregor would really take place if you could take “Cowboy” seriously, then it might as he says he is just waiting for an answer.

Cerrone Already For Next Fight

Cowboy indeed hinted that the billboards could soon announce Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone as this match might just be in the works. After his victory at the UFC Fight Night 139 over Mike Perry, Cerrone shared that the UFC already spoke to him regarding his next fight and he thought it to be a very exciting matchup. Obviously, at the moment it could mean one of many potential matchups, although several have been guessing and with the return of Cerrone to lightweight and Mc Gregor previously in the multi-division, it is one of the possibilities.

Social Media Announcements by Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone not only hinted that his next fight sounds like a very exciting option, he actually went a little further than that in his latest social media announcement, which further invites speculation. He said he is waiting and that he knows a guy. Even without any name dropping, when the social media post is added to what he said straight after his previous victory, which set a new UFC record for finishes and wins, the words from Cerrone was that is next goal is to win the lightweight UFC title.

Donald Cerrone Wants to Win the UFC Lightweight Title

At this time, he mentioned champion Khabib Nurmagonmedov, which just defended his belt successfully against no other than Conor McGregor. At the moment, McGregor is temporarily suspended by the (NSAC), the Nevada State Athlete Commission and has to wait until the hearing in December for the UFC229 brawl, yet the two MMA fighters do have a bit of history between them. At previous press conferences the two did exchange words, McGregor was criticised by Cerrone regarding his loss to Nate Diaz taking place in March 2016.

At the same time Cerrone also indicated that he was interested in a fight with McGregor, but he then already had doubts that it would ever happen. Cerrone seems more interested than ever, and if you could read between the expletives, it sounds like he is gearing up for a fight. He repeats that he doesn’t play the game and that he is waiting for him. The (him) can only be guessed at this stage, and it seems that he wants to meet face to face, it could be to encourage a fight, as he clearly states that he would love to fight the dude, although in the same sentence he states that it is not going to happen soon.

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Kamaru Usman and Demian Maia – A match that wasn’t anywhere near pretty

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Kamaru Usman and Demian Maia – A match that wasn’t anywhere near pretty

Any fan of Demian Maia knows that watching him in the ring is like watching a determined explorer finally find some hidden treasure that he had to earn through a multitude of trials. Its magical in a sense and it always lead to an amazing match to watch. Though, just like everyone, Maia has his days where he just isn’t on his A-Game. Which sadly enough, was the case last Saturday during his match in Chile. The well-known 40-year old fighter was throwing multiple shots at Kamaru Usman, and after a while, it all seemed fruitless. Even the audience watching looked as if they just had a floating question mark over their heads.

Though many experts are thinking this fight wouldn’t have been as lacklustre if the fighter was someone other than Maia, who took the place of another fighter, who was originally going to fight Usman, who is dubbed in the MMA world as the fighter that nobody wants to face. Initially, the recently injured Santiago Ponzinibbio was set up to fight Usman in Chile – however, with Ponzinibbio being injured and if no other player stepped in – Chile wouldn’t have a match to watch over the weekend. Due to Maia history of destroying men in the ring, he was easily accepted as a replacement candidate for the fight. Though, if Usman wasn’t Usman, this fight would have felt more intimidating.

As the fight entered its first few seconds, Maia tried to lead the fight into a realm where he is more comfortable, though Usman only did the expected: he made himself unbudgeable. Occasionally, fans could’ve seen Maia tossed on the ground as he was gasping for air – as Usman simply watched him, made another punch, and Maia just moved across the floor – almost as if was trying to invite Usman on the ground with him. Though once Usman got down to Maia’s level, he could only get a few punches into the buttocks and feet, both of which are known as common offensive moves. Other than that, though, this fight as the definition of boring in a sense and offered no real challenge for Usman.

Broken Hand on Usman’s Side

After the fight was finished, the intimidating MMA fighter Usman make the statement that his right hand may have been broken early into the fight, before adding on about the possibility of his other hand being broken as well. But I guess that’s understanding when punching Maia recorded hard skull during the duration of the match. Though, the UFC could have at least given Usman a decorative shirt saying something along the lines of “Came to Chile for fun and left with two broken hands”. Either way though, it goes without saying that Usman did beat Maia almost without effort and it was a mundane task to watch.

Even though Usman did not come out in the effort to have a more competitive match, as he stated once handed the microphone that he would leave it to his managers to choose who he fought that night. Even though he did prompt that Tyron Woodley would’ve been an easier fight that Maia, which can easily be taken as fighting words before considering facing the winning of the upcoming Darren Till and Stephen Thompson fight. Despite those fun fights, just having one with Ponzinibbio would have sufficed
While Usman may have come out of the fight with two managed hands, it did advance his standing a bit. He is now considered an 8-0 fighter in the UFC with six decisions. This was the first match he was able to get five rounds in, which is going to help him on his path of getting a title.

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Mental Strength for MMA

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Mental Strength for MMA

1. Its Okay to Allow Yourself to Win

While this may seem like obvious advice – some fighters do need to keep this in mind before a round. To prepare fully for a fight, you must believe in yourself, your abilities, and have in the back of your mind that you are going to win. As many professionals would say, to truly win, you must win the internal fight with your own mind first. Without this vital step, winning any match is going to be increasingly hard for you, no matter your skill level or your opponent’s skill level. As soon as you permit yourself to win, you are opening yourself up to receive positive energy, and putting your actions into motion will become easier. The true mentality of mixed martial arts fighting is to treat yourself highly and allow yourself the opportunities to succeed. While physical training may go a long way, a fighter will never last long if their mentality isn’t where it needs to be.

2. Accept That Loses are Going to Happen

Its understandable, everyone wants to win every fight but that isn’t realistic in mixed material arts. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up or start doubting yourself before a match. If anything, you should accept losing as a part of life and lose any fear that’s associated with it. This also means that you must start allowing failure into your life. At the end of the day, losing is always a possibility in this sport, and if it happens just know that you are always going to have more chances to win, train harder, and better yourself. Instead of looking at failures and losses as negatives, use them as a new-found motivation to better yourself and increase your skills.

3. The Harder the Training, The Higher the Trust

Its simple, most people don’t ever plan to fail. Instead they fail due to the lack of having a solidified plan. The easiest way to earn confidence is by training hard and setting goals. Once you reach your training goals, you’re just confirming that you do have the ability to do this sport and that no matter what happens, you aren’t willing to give up your aspirations. At the end of the day, training and mixed martial arts is an investment. Once you prove to yourself that are aren’t willing to give up that investment – the more trust you’re going to have within yourself.

4. Fight in the Moment

While creating a plan of action during a match may sound ideal, this practice can ultimately lead to a disaster in the ring. To put it simply, when you’re competing in a match, just trust your training. If you trained hard and worked even harder, then you’re going to be okay. Once of the main rules that fighters forget is to get into the mental zone during a match. This means letting go of fear of losing ad failure, stop planning every move, and just try tour hardest to come out of the ring victorious.

5. Have a Mindset That’s Dedicated to MMA

No, this doesn’t mean allow for your mixed martial arts part of your life to take over all the other parts. Instead, just created a wall between your normal everyday world and your MMA world. You must get your game face ready and once you step into the gym or the ring, all you should focus on is MMA. To achieve this, you are going to have to mentally prep yourself. An old proverb that is continuously used by professional MMA fighters is to sharpen your focus and do not let outside forces, such as your normal life, affect your MMA life – and vise versa.

6. Remain Calm, no Matter What is Happening Around You

No matter if there is an array of unorganized chaos surrounding you, you must be the calm in the storm. Even if you are getting ready for a match and the crowd is going wild, or tensions are flying high backstage, you can’t let all the extra energy get to you or affect your performance. You must ground yourself, take a deep breath, and focus on your sport and performance. As the mental game of mixed martial arts always says, poise and confidence are the keys to success.

7. Make This Your Prime Commitment

The most successful people in any career all have one thing in common: they have the willpower to stay and see things through. The ones who run when the first signs of trouble arise are the ones who aren’t heard from again. Having a commitment to MMA will help you have that additional motivation to stay true to yourself, no matter if you’re having a bad day, lose a match, or even don’t feel motivated to work out – commitment will give you the extra push needed to stay dedicated.

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Stacking the Pounds: The Top 5 MMA Fighters and Upcoming Fights

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Stacking the Pounds: The Top 5 MMA Fighters and Upcoming Fights

There’s a lot of movement going on within the boxing division of MMA. Due to the discussion of several upcoming battles, many champions are training to move up to a new weight class to tes6 their skills against other belt-holders. Since this development has happened, many fans, along with other boxers, are debating which champions are going to have a solid chance of successfully moving up.

Starting off these new battles will be by the longtime champion title holder Jorge Linares who’s fighting against the two-division champion Vasyl Lomachenko. The fight is going to be held at Madison Square garden in New York City. Though many ESPN experts are placing their bets that Lomachenko is going to take this battle and win it either by a knockout or by the judge’s decision. This fight will be held this upcoming Saturday, May 12.

Moreover, two more fights are happening on the same day. First Terence Crawford, the former unified 140-pound champion, is moving up to fight against the World Boxing Organization Australian welterweight champion, Jeffrey Horn. This fight is to be taken place in Las Vegas. On the same night, the World Boxing Association featherweight champion, Leo Santa Cruz, is said to be participating in a rematch with world champion, Abner Mares at the Staples Center. This rematch is due to Santa Cruz’s win at the Battle for Los Angeles, which had a total of over 2,000 combined punches, where he won thanks to a majority vote. Mares on the other hand, is looking forwards to this rematch due to the pair allegedly having a fight planned last year that never happened for one reason or another.

Though, one of the most anticipated fights is going to be between the England heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, and the Alabama based Deontay Wilder. However, the undisputed heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko who has sparred with both men, stated that he personally believes that Joshua is going to shine in this battle.

Despite these highly anticipated upcoming matches – we have given a top 10 list of MMA Boxing Fighters and where they currently stand.

Terence Crawford

Crawford is a junior welterweight who doubles as being the only male boxer who carries a four-belt champion title. As he moves up to a new weight category, he has made plans of a highly anticipated fight between himself and the World Boxing Organization welterweight champion, Jeffery Horn.

Gennady Golovkin

Golovkin is known for two things: being dedicated and throwing the hard punches. However, while Golovkin has been waiting for Canelo Alvarez to come off from his suspension – he has made plans for possibly fight one of these 5 opponents: Demetrius Andrade, Billy Joe Saunders, Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Gilberto Ramirez, or even Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan.

Vasyl Lomachenko

This two-division professional champion grew in popularity after he bested the double-gold medalist, Guillermo Rigondeaux in December. However, he is now about to fight Jorge Linares for his consistent pursuit of gaining a third belt under his name.

Mikey Garcia

While Garcia earned is fourth belt due to defeating the Russian fighter, Sergey Lipinets, he has decide to plan another fight to increase his changes of facing off with Jorge Linares or a fascinating 2019 showdown with the champion Lomachenko – depending on who wins their upcoming fight this Saturday.

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai

While his official upcoming fight date is unknown, along with his next potential opponent – Rungvisai has been making waves up his intense knocking power combined with his agility. Many fans are other champions are looking out to see how Rungvisai next battle, which is assumed to be sometime in September, plays out.

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5 Benefits Martial Arts Brings To Children

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5 Benefits Martial Arts Brings To Children

Martial arts have been around for a very long time, but it’s around this time now where gyms are starting to accept martial arts into their programs. Specifically mixed martial arts. Even though that is happening, it may be wise to consider taking a vanilla martial arts (like kra maga, tae kwon do, karate, etc.) first, especially with kids.

As a child, there are many benefits to taking martial arts. Furthermore these benefits also apply to others who are practicing martial arts.

Balance and Posture

This is a problem for many people regardless of age, but it most likely stems from when we were between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. It’s a very basic skill but it gets often overlooked. By practicing martial arts you need to be in particular stances and as such you need to maintain a certain posture, but also balance. Poor posture leads to cramped organs, improper breathing, and more.

Memorization and Retention

When we get older, some of us claim that we have poor memory or forget things often. But even as a child, this can happen as well. For children they need to remember their parents phone numbers, emergency contact, and many other things. Martial arts can assist with memory and retention as you’ll have to memorize the particular stances and even some of the movements.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

Regardless of your age, there will be periods of time where you lack confidence or have a low self esteem. There are many studies that show that fitness can help with boosting those areas as you are getting closer to getting the ideal body you want. Martial arts for that matter is a series of exercises. Not to mention going through classes ensures you have others who are positive and are lifting you up as well.


In order to get better at something you need to practice. If you slip up on your practices, that’ll get noticed. But by devoting yourself to practice that can be filtered into various aspects of your life. For children they learn the importance of focusing and not getting distracted will ensure that they will succeed and grow. For older individuals that’s the same case but martial arts provides a facility for us to practice further.

Physical Fitness

For children, it’s important for them to learn this at a very early age as child obesity is becoming a more prominent issue. Obviously marital arts will help in losing weight and developing muscles, but for adults this really gets driven home too. In order to be healthy and continue martial arts training, it’s important to be eating properly. Children will begin to learn that while for adults this lesson gets reinforced, prompting the individual to start changing how they are living.

There are many other benefits to martial arts training for kids and adults, however these also can be moved into mixed martial arts trainings as well. Let alone any other type of physical fitness.


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