Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone – Predictions

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Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone – Predictions

It’s finally been announced that Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone will be stepping into the octagon for one of the most desired matches in the lightweight division. It’s quite a big match for Tony who has been out of the fighting scene for a while as he has been attending to some personal matters. However, he is cleared by medics and ready to fight; we see him only want fights that could lead him to the title. This is one of the few battles that are sure to determine who gets the chance to fight against the titleholder, making it a massive even for both Tony and Donald.

Tony has the most on the line as the champion has never really taken part in a title fight. There’s always something standing in his way, including injuries and many other circumstances such as the mental health problems he recently had. How at 35, he can’t afford to lose if he wants to grab a shot at the title. At the same time, he cannot provide any injuries or anything that might limit him from jumping into the next fight. If he does lose, it would be a rather tough road to get back into the same position.

Even Donald Cerrone needs to keep up the winning streak he’s had since becoming a dad. The 36-year-old has been doing great in UFC and is hungry for the title. So far, he has managed to improve his track record up to now, winning three of three fights and getting ready to take the fourth as well. As with Tony, he cannot afford to lose the battle as it might also be the only shot he has at grabbing the title fight and finally getting his hands on the belt.

How they Compare

When we look at the fighting history of both these fighters, we see they are a perfect match. Tony managed to impress with the last fight against Anthony Pettis, increasing the strikes per minutes to an incredible 5.51. Cerrone isn’t far behind with a 4.28, which has only recently increased with his new drive to reach the top.

With these stats, we expect to see an action-packed fight between these two fighters, and it would strongly depend on how they react to each other. For example, if Tony manages to grab hold of the pace, it would be quite an easy fight for him, but if Cerrone goes all in and does allow Tony to take his time, he might go the other way.

Tony has excellent patience and strikes at just the right time, and even the betting sites are putting him as the favourite with odds of -185. Donald Cerrone includes odds of +160 with some bookies. It would all depend on the training as Tony would need to recover from the time he took off, which is just one of the many factors that lead us to believe this is going to be a great fight!

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Tony Ferguson to take on Donald Cerrone

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Tony Ferguson to take on Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone seems to become a popular choice among the lightweight division of MMA. Not only are there many fighters interested in taking him on, but he has now been chosen to take on Tony Ferguson.

Tony Ferguson has been out of MMA for a while as he had some personal issues to take care of. However, he is now clear to fight and ready to continue his path to the title fight he has wanted for so long. Since his return a few weeks ago, he has been interested in nothing but championship opportunities, but as with many other fighters, he would need to fight his way there.

Not only do we see Conor McGregor wants to fight, but we also have other significant names such as Donald Cerrone. With just these three fighters, we can already see some amazing fights to come shortly.

Dana White and the UFC team gets things started with a fight between Donald Cerrone and Tony Ferguson. This is a way for tony to get his hands dirty in the octagon again and the first fight to get him in action and on the way to the title fight.

What About McGregor?

As we all know, Conor McGregor is just as interested in the title fight, but he was told he isn’t worthy of fighting Khabib at the moment. Khabib’s manager suggested he fight Tony Ferguson or even Donald Cerrone to see if he has what it takes.

It seems like McGregor would have to wait longer than he thought, especially since both Cerrone and Ferguson aren’t available to take him on. He might fight McGregor and take on other significant names in MMA, including Max Holloway, but as we all know, McGregor wants the big fights.

How Things Might Happen

Now that we see some of the fights being set up, we can finally get an idea of how things will happen to get to the title fight. First, we will see Donald and Tony take each other on. The result of that fight could reveal the fighter who would have the first shot at fighting against the title holder. However, the UFC could create a whole big thing with this title fight but creating an additional event between McGregor and another impressive title fighter. Then we could see the winners from those two fights go head to head, which would then reveal who gets the title shot.

In addition to those fights, we also need to wait and see how wins between the current title holder Khabib and the interim holder Dustin Poirier. Once when we have the result of that fight will know who the interested title fighters would be going up against, which means we’re in for an action-packed second half of the 2019 MMA season.

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Donald Cerrone Calls out McGregor

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Donald Cerrone Calls out McGregor

Conor McGregor seems once again one of the top choices for lightweight fighters even after he lost his title to Khabib last year. This time, ‘it’s a name knows as the Cowboy who had won a five-round brawl against Al Iaquinta. Doland Cerrone is now out for the Irishman who is set to return to MMA within just a few weeks. He is still finding the ideal way to return after his six months suspension in October 2018, or he is retired, which is unlikely.

McGregor announced his retirement in April, but just a week afterwards, there were already signs that ‘it’s not real. Firstly, Dana White never knew about retirement as McGregor never told him. Its also been revealed that Dana and Conor always talk daily, including how McGregor would make his return to UFC.

Well, now he has the opportunity against a fighter who has been coming up in MMA faster than most. Donald Cerrone just managed his 23rd victory in UFC and was aiming to take on the title holder, but said he would want to fight McGregor is that opportunity ‘doesn’t come available first.

It would be a while before he would have a shot at the title as Dustin Poirier has just won the interim title. Khabib is the real title holder, but he was also suspended in October of last year. However, unlike McGregor, Khabib will only return after 12 months as he joins teammates until they can fight again as well.

Therefore, before Donald can have a shot at the title, Dustin and Khabib must first determine who the actual title holder is. This fight is expected to take place as early as September 2019, but no dates have been set just yet. Once the winner is announced, Donald would need to fight his way through all the other interested contenders before he would have a clear shot for the title.

Other Possible Fighters for the title

Of course, McGregor has been itching for a rematch against Khabib since last year when he lost in the fourth round. Now, he would also want to take on the champion and possibly take back the title.

We also see Tony Ferguson still wanting a fight for the title, who has just returned to the MMA world after having some personal problems. However, he has been cleared to fight and has come back with plans to get his championship fight finally.

There are loads of others wanting a shot at the fight between Dustin and Khabib finally determines a winner, but of those, Tony, McGregor and Doland are the most likely. Therefore, we might see some exciting fights as these contenders take each other on to see how deserves a shot at the title fight.

At this point, there aren’t any plans for such fights just yet, but ‘there’s little doubt that the UFC and Dana White ‘wouldn’t see the opportunities available.

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Tony Ferguson Signs with New Management

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Tony Ferguson Signs with New Management

For a moment, it seemed as if Tony Ferguson was out of the 2019 season. The well-known lightweight champion appeared to be having some mental issues, which drove his wife out the house and seeking a restraining order against him. It came out that Tony had never hurt or abused her or their child, but she was concerned for his safety and urged him to seek help. It seems as if Tony took her advice and has now once again been cleared to fight.

Before getting back in the octagon and seeking out some significant events, he decided to change management teams. He used to be part of the well-known Paradigm Sports team who also manage other professional fighters such as Stephen Thompson, Cris Cyborg and even Conor McGregor. He is now signed with Ballengee who has also proven to be a worthy manager with notable names such as Vitor Belfort, Eddie Alvarez and Aljamain Sterling forming part of the team. Surprisingly, Tony received a warm send-off from the former management team with the SEO wishing him well in the events to come.

Fighting Opportunities for Tony

The fans are already going wild as Tony made a post on Twitter that told everyone he already received a fight invite for a significant event. He also added that it’s “champ shit only” from now on. However, as we all know, the next title fight takes place when Khabib returns, which is still a few months away. Therefore, we expect to see Tony take on Conor McGregor.

Both of these fighters are hoping to take part in another title fight shortly, making it the perfect matchup before the title fight takes place between Dustin Poirier and Khabib. Whoever managed to win the battle will get to take on the winner in the “unknown” primary event fight that involves Tony.

When Khabib got suspended after the craze at UFC 229 in October last year, Tony was offered the interim title fight first. He would’ve faced up against Max Holloway, and the odds would have been in his favour. This would have been the best way to ensure he gets the title fight against Khabib, but Tony declined the fight. He said he wants a title fight and nothing less. Now, with Tony getting back in action under a new management team, we might see some fantastic events coming up. Tony will almost certainly take part in some title event, whether it’s against Khabib or Dustin.

He now seems more determined than ever, giving fans more reason to stand behind him and show support as he moves up to finally claim the title he has been after for so long. We expect to see significant events involving Tony later in 2019, giving us all great reasons to keep an eye on the odds and place some major bets!

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Is Conor McGregor Done?

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Is Conor McGregor Done?

Since the 2018 fight against Khabib, we haven’t seen much of McGregor in terms of fighting and even before the UFC 229 event, he didn’t exactly take part in loads of fighting events.

Sure, he has been the focus on news over the last couple of months, but it almost seems as if he doesn’t have the same passion for MMA fighting as he did a few years ago.


One of the main reasons McGregor isn’t seen at the moment is because of a 6-month suspension. It was handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission for his part in the brawl that took place at UFC 229 back in October of 2018.

It was actually Khabib who started the whole thing after winning the fight against McGregor in the fourth round. Khabib had a few words with a trailing partner on McGregor’s team right after the fight, which resulted in the title holder jumping over the cage, into the crowd and attacking.

Naturally, McGregor jumped in as well, trying to defend his team, but due to the magnitude of the actions, both fighters were immediately suspended. The hearing only took place in January 2019 where McGregor was fined $50,000 and suspended for 6 months.

Now with the suspension almost done, we see McGregor saying that he is once again retiring. He made a post on social media to announce the news. With further investigation, it seems as if the retirement post came after he was offered a co-main event later this year, which he declined as he wants shares in UFC, which hasn’t been given to him. McGregor said he will do the event if he gets shares, which was clearly declined, resulting in him retiring early.

He has also been incredibly busy with the launch of his whiskey. He also has a young family, giving him more than enough reason to step back from the fighting and focus more on personal things.

Retirement Not Confirmed

Conor has made retirement threats in the past, which didn’t last and he came back to fight multiple times after the 2016 post on social media. Now, in 2019, we once again have reason to believe that McGregor will be seen in the octagon once again.

One of the biggest reasons was revealed in an interview with UFC boss Dana White who said McGregor hasn’t told him anything about the retirement and to his knowledge the Irishman will be taking part in fighting events later in 2019.

Dana White also confirmed that he has been talking to McGregor almost daily and commonly talks to McGregor about the way he would make a come back into the octagon after his suspension. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the suspension is another way for McGregor to take control for the time being, but we doubt that the suspension will be a permanent thing.

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Dustin Poirier to Fight Khabib

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Dustin Poirier to Fight Khabib

In the recent main event at UFC 236, Dustin Poirier managed to claim the interim lightweight title by beating Max Holloway in the fifth round.

Sunday last week, we saw the two determined fighters enter the octagon to fight for the interim title as a result of Khabib’s suspension due to a post-fight brawl in 2018 at UFC 229. The rightful title holder was suspended for only nine months but decided to extend it until his teammates are allowed to fight again, meaning he won’t fight for 12 months.

However, we expect to see Khabib take back to the octagon by the end of 2019, which means he will step into a fight with Dustin to determine who gets to keep the lightweight title.

There are also many other fighters lining up to complete against Khabib in when he returns, including Dustin Gaethje, Conor McGregor and possibly Tony Ferguson. However, all of them would have to wait as the current title holder Dustin Poirier now has priority.

Dana White confirmed the fight following the title victory on Sunday, stating that Khabib and Dustin will be the next to fight for the title. He also mentioned that the event is most likely to take place in September of 2019, but it has not been confirmed as well. We expect to see Khabib return around September, making this the first fight he walks into as he is welcomed back.

Unlike Khabib, Poirier didn’t manage to get up in MMA quite as fast, but he did have a promising career ahead of him from the very start. After his first four wins, he seemed to have hit the brakes though, which he then decided to make a career move and join the lightweight category in 2015.

It might have taken his 22 fights to make his way to a title fight, but there’s no doubt that Poirier has what it takes to defend the title. Even Dana White says he shouldn’t be criticised for how long it took and as we all know, Dustin has been a victim of the media.

Now, with the interim title, he has the first choice to take on Khabib and finally claim this way to become a fighter he is meant to be seen as. When you look at all the details, Dustin should consider himself lucky for the opportunity as Toiny Ferguson was the first choice for the title fight. However, Tony turned down the offer as he wants nothing less than a full title fight against Khabib.

While the fight against Max Holloway would’ve given him just that, We saw Tony decline the offer, thinking he would be one of the fighters lining up to take on Khabib when he returns. However, it’s unlikely for Tony to take part now as he has been dealing with personal issues and hasn’t been involved with UFC as much.

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