How to Wager on MMA

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How to Wager on MMA

MMA has been attracting fans and bettors since the 90s, and the sport has only grown bigger over the last few years. Now, with significant fights such as Tony Ferguson taking on Khabib and Mayweather interested in another money fight, it might just be the perfect time to learn how betting on MMA works.

Those who’ve expressed interest in wagering on boxing will fight various similarities with these unique fighting styles. Sure, there are differences, and the betting itself is unique in multiple ways, but just understand how wagers on boxing works will help a lot.

If not, no problem as we go through the basics of wagering on MMA below. To get started, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of MMA fights. This includes three rounds of five minutes each on standard fights and up to five rounds of the same time with title and special events. It’s interesting that the outcome betting is similar to boxing, but there is one major different, including the submission.

The sport includes the same results as boxing, including points, knock outs, technical knockouts and more. With submissions, the fight would end up on the ground as the fighters try to grip each other in the way that forces the opponent to tap out when he/she can’t fight a way out. It’s important to know this as some of the biggest fighters in the world, including Khabib use this technique to defeat his opponents. That includes the major fight that took place in 2018 at UFC229 where he forced Conor McGregor to tap out in the fourth round. Basic Betting on MMA.

Basic Betting on MMA

MMA fights are categorised by weight, just as with boxing, but the weights are a little different, but easy to keep track of. The fights can take place regularly, simply depending on whether you’re wagering on the smaller events or waiting for the big fights.

The first and most simple form of betting in MMA is moneyline, which works the same as with other events and sports. With this option, you simply place a bet on the victor and receive winnings based on the odds of the fight.

Total rounds is another interesting form of betting and a little more complicated than moneyline. However, it’s also straightforward as the bookie provides the options of just how long the fight will last. In MMA, it isn’t very common for bookies to provide various options as most fights online last for three rounds. Therefore, you might find two or three options, including 1.5 rounds, two rounds 2.5 and so on. Basically, you’re wagering whether the fight will go the distance, or will there be a TKO, KO or submission before the end.

To get into the basics of MMA betting, these two options are all you need. From here on out, it’s more about technical betting options for the specific fight and what the bookie has to offer.

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2019 Possibilities for Khabib

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2019 Possibilities for Khabib

Both the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 has been filled with news revolving around the suspension of McGregor and Khabib following the UFC 229 chaos that occurred in October.

As most would know already, but the fighters were suspended right after the fight while the Nevada Athletics Commission decided on the punishment. In January 2019, the ruling was finally delivered, and both fighters received a fine and suspension for their part. This included six months for McGregor and nine months for Khabib, who also had the option of decreasing it to 6 months with an anti-bullying post, which wasn’t accepted.

While this seemed to have been the end of the matter and that we’d see both fighters return to the octagon within just a few months, the fact that Khabib’s teammates received a suspension of a year wasn’t going to go well with Khabib. The fighter didn’t take the news well and made it known that he won’t return to defend his title until his teammates are able to compete again. That means we won’t see him fight until November 2019.

Many might have made peace with with already, but the MMA board aren’t pleased with the choice as it places loads of strain on the possible fights lined up for 2019. Therefore, earlier this week, Dana White made an announcement that Khabib would not be able to sit out and hold onto the title.

So far, we haven’t seen a response from Khabib’s management team, and we’re not sure what the future might hold for the current title holder, but here are some possibilities;

If Khabib Returns

The most logical move for Khabib would be to return to the octagon and defend his title against interested fighters. Sure, he would still need to wait for the few remaining months of his suspension, but even that could be decreased with the anti-bullying option that’s available.

Not only would it mean great things for 2019 MMA, but the fighter wouldn’t be wasting time by sitting on the sidelines, let’s face it, retirement is coming up for all the fighters, even those that have proven to be the best.

His income would also take a punishment if he sits out as sponsors would need to reconsider deals and he would obviously be losing out on some brilliant money fights that might just include Mayweather taking on another MMA title holder.

If Khabib Doesn’t Return

If he doesn’t return, we might just see him being stripped of his title, which would mean it can be fought for or it will go back to McGregor who was the holder before Khabib. Of course, this would line up many other fights, once again involving McGregor.

It could also mean that Khabib loses the title until he returns, but this would just make it confusing for those interested in entering the octagon to fight for the title. However, it could also mean that Khabib would need to fight to get it back.

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MMA Fights We’d Love to See in 2019

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MMA Fights We’d Love to See in 2019

So, 2018 has come to an end and has delivered some incredible fights, but we didn’t see many titles defended and there could have been more action with the pairing of fighters. Anyway, it certainly was a gear year.

Now, in 2019, things are changing from the very beginning as the sport moves away from Fox and over to ESPN. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what that means as we might need to switch between ESPN channels to catch all the action before and after fights. However, there are many promises for the change as well, which is always great.

While the ESPN change is important and big news, we’re more interested in the fights that might just come our way in 2019. The line-up already looks promising and January 2019 already seems to have some action well worth looking out for. We’ve chosen a few pairing of our own that we’d really like to see in the year to come, not only for the action but the result as well. Check out the pairs below and see if you agree!

Conor vs. Nate Diaz

Considering all the advantages of this possible fight is sure to put a smile on your face, but the biggest advantage must be the way they bring the best out of each other. It’s almost as if both of them have a completely different style in comparison to other fights they take part in.

The interesting aspect of the fight would be the history for them. When you think about it, Diaz hasn’t stepped in the rink within the last 2 years and the fight against Conor was the last. McGregor, on the other hand, has become more of a whiskey spokesperson than anything else and he hasn’t managed a win within the last 2 years.

Both these fighters need the motivation, which doesn’t revolve around money or the titles, but rather the desire to fight. The great thing is, both of them have the right effect on the other, which is what we need for the 2019 season. It would certainly be great to see both of them at their peak as they take each other on.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Tony Woodley

While St-Pierre already made this an unlikely fight by saying he isn’t interested, it would still be a great one for 2019, and if MMA has taught us anything, it’s that things can change in the blink of an eye, sometimes it just takes a little motivation.

In fact, he might not even be returning to the rink at all, but again it’s all up in the air with great possibilities. If he does decide to step in again, it would certainly be a fighter worth keeping an eye on.

Having Georges and Tony go at it would be great as the best in welterweight would be taking on the one that’s trying to be the best. Both of them have great technique and certainly have what it takes to bring out the best in the other.

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Predictions for 2019 MMA

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Predictions for 2019 MMA

As 2018 comes to a close in the world of mixed arts, it is time to take a look at the long list of predictions already in place for 2019.

Daniel Cormier to Retire in 2019

When it comes to retirement predicted in the new year, many believe that Daniel Cormier might retire just before his 40th birthday. According to forecasts, Cormier will retire in March after a Brock Lesnar fight, although some fans believe that DC will only retire after his fight with Jon Jones. Francis Ngannou or Stipe Miocic is expected to grab the title once DC retires.

Big Money Fight Predicted by Early 2020 for Woodley

It is believed that in the new year both Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman will fight and lose to the champion. The fights both won by September 2019, would mean Woodley gets a big-money fight by the end of the year or even early in 2020, although it all depends on how correct the predictions are, and if the UFC are to implement the 165lb weight class.

Could Zabit Magomedsharipov’s Mission for Gold Pay Off in the New Year?

One thing is for sure and that is that Zabit Magomedsharipov wants to make 2019 the year he ends as the 145lb champion. It is quite possible as Zabit do measure up extremely well with all the top 5 MMA favourites, and should he win the next fight he could finally get that shot he has been waiting for at top level.

UFC Superstar of 2019 will be Askren

This upcoming year gives everyone the opportunity to find out if Ben Askren gets to embarrass and dominate his opponents in UFC as much as he did in ONE and Bellator. It is believed that his grip is right at the top in MMA and that Khabib Nurmagomedov will be toasts once Askren gets hold of him.

UFC Champions Crowned in 2019 According to Forecasts

The strawweight champion will be Jessica Andrade, Valentina Shevchenko is believed to become the champ in women’s flyweight, Hendry Cejudo in men’s bantamweight and Khabib Nurmagomedov the Lightweight champ. The Welterweight champion in 2019, many believes will be Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley will be the middleweight champ and Jon Jones the light-heavyweight, while Cain Velazquez will be the heavyweight UFC champ at the end of the new year.

ONE and Bellator Will Attract More Stars

With the $166 million already secured to be used in acquiring new talent, the Singapore-based organization are bound to expand their star power rapidly. Both Sage Northcutt and Eddie Alvarez has been signed and it won’t stop there according to forecasts. Once ONE becomes more willing to hand out big packages, it will have no difficulty in attracting some of the most well-known talents and with Viacom offering financial backing to Bellator, some of the elite talent of the UFC might just make the move in the new year.

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MMA Gets 2 New Weight Divisions in 2019

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MMA Gets 2 New Weight Divisions in 2019

The world of MMA fighting is once again shifting into a positive position for fighters. Not only focusing on safety, but on fairness as well. In 2019, we see 2 additional weight categories become available, allowing fighters the opportunity to challenge opponents in their weight bracket without having to drop a load of weight before the fight.

Of course, this has positive benefits for the fighter’s health as well. In no way is if safe to drop as much as 30 pounds in a short amount of time just to fit into a category. A strict a balanced diet is one of the most important things for MMA fighters, which is one of the reasons the new weight categories are implemented.

The new weight classes also allow fighters who struggle to get down to the weight the option to join a slightly higher weight option to complete against fair competition without going through the huge drops to qualify for the smaller class.

The Changes for 2019

The new Unified Rules requires 2 new categories from the Brave CF who has agreed to eliminate the current welterweight completely and introduce its replacement with a super welterweight of 175lbs (79.3kg). They are also including a new super lightweight category at 165lbs (74.8kg).

These new weight options are great for fighters who don’t want to move over to the middle weight classes, but also cannot meet the weight requirements unless they implement strict diets that have been proven risky and unhealthy.

With these changes, we’ll see fighters taking part in various categories, which is bound to introduce new interesting matches. Jarrah Al-Selawe would become the current super welterweight title holder, who is sure to have a line-up of challengers, ready to take him on and hope to become the new title holder.

Why are the New Weights Better?

As mentioned by Kirik Jenness, the MMA sports are extremely physically demanding and many of the head strikes are dangerous, but for as long as there are brave enough people in the world, the sport will continue.

However, with fighters cutting 20 to 30 lbs to get into the lower weight classes, it introduces new challengers and risks as these fighters don’t actually complete against the fighters they should. Some of them are cutting from 205lbs all the way down to take part in the 185lbs level.

With these changes, that won’t happen anymore as heavier fighters would have a higher weight level to take part in. Of course, this doesn’t mean some fighters would still try to lose the weight and make it to the smaller categories, but at least we won’t see as the same drastic cuts as before.

The new changes have introduced loads of excitement for both fans and fighters, which is a great reaction. Of course, there’s great reason for this, especially when you consider the new matches heading our way in 2019.

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5 Dangerous MMA Moves Remaining Ban for 2019

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5 Dangerous MMA Moves Remaining Ban for 2019

MMA is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. While many dangerous moves are allowed to defeat the opponent, there are some that remain too dangerous.

The sport itself already requires ring-side doctors who can stop a fight at any time when the fighter shouldn’t or is unable to fight further. The following moves have been banned from MMA as they cause serious damage that could have long-lasting results.

For the 2019 MMA season, the following moves remain banned from the octagon and could lead to a disqualification as we’ve seen in the past. The sport has come a long way, making it more entertaining and allowing the fighters to use all their potential while limiting the possibility of ending their opponent’s career with a single blow.

Head Butt

The head butt is an extremely dangerous move that has been used multiple times in the past and causes huge amounts of damage. Not only does that result in splitting up and the skin around the eyes and head, but studies have shown that in fighting could result in concussions and other serious injuries that could end the career for a fighter.

Groin Strikes

Most fighters in MMA where special cups to protect their groins from the occasional mistake, but it is completely illegal for a fighter to kick or punch their opponent directly in the groin as it simply ends the fight almost instantly, making it an unfair advantage.Besides, these kicks and punches can be so hard that it even leaves long-lasting effects through the cup.

Elbow Strikes

If you’re a liar is one of the hardest bones in the body and could do some serious damage when it is being used to strike an opponent. Therefore, it has now been banned to use the elbow at all, meaning fighters are not allowed to strike their opponents with it at all. Not just head strikes, but body strikes as well.

Striking the head with an elbow could have the same long-lasting effects as head butts and body strikes could easily result in broken ribs, not to mention the damage it does to the actual elbow as well.

Gouging Eyes

Gouging eyes refers to poking your opponent in the eye, which provides an obvious advantage. Earlier this year, the rules were reviewed, and fighters are no longer allowed to extend their fingers out towards the opponent. The rule has specially been brought in to avoid eye gouging as this could also lead to serious implications that could take a fighter out of his career almost instantly.

It is now completely illegal for a fighter to extend his fingers out towards his opponent, even if they aren’t in direct contact. They have been multiple eye pokes in the past that has resulted in fights being ended, which just isn’t something we want to see in a professional MMA fight.

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