Movies about Martial Arts

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Movies about Martial Arts

The popularity of the martial arts has leapt ahead with the advent of movies with fight scenes and warfare. The most popular have been those with Bruce Lee as the main star. Bruce was born in the USA in 1940. During his younger years, he had minor parts in various films and, in total, he acted in about seventeen movies, and four TV shows and Bruce became the epitome of martial art actors. Initially taught the martial arts by his father, Bruce studied further under various masters until he was eighteen.

Fist of Fury

In this movie, Chen (Bruce Lee) starts working at a factory and promises his family to stay out of confrontation, which might lead to fighting. When some members of his family disappear, he must break his promise and take on the villain. He fights students of master Suzuki of the Japanese dojo, and in an epic fight, he beats all the students using his skills with the nunchaku. The master then attacks Chen with a samurai sword which Chen takes off him and kills him.

Enter the Dragon

This is Bruce’s last movie before his death in 1973. He must infiltrate a gang involved in drugs and slavery. The contest becomes personal when he realises that the group were the cause of his sister taking her own life. Enter the Dragon is considered the highest martial arts film ever produced. The final scene is in a hall of mirrors which Bruce must smash to find and kill his enemy. Other actors who have played a part in the popularisation of the martial arts must include Chuck Norris. Some of his movies are Hellbound and Invasion USA.


In this movie, Chuck takes the part of Frank Shatter with Calvin Jackson (Calvin Levels), two detectives in Chicago who are investigating the murder of a Rabbi. The investigation takes them to Israel where they deduce that the baddy is Prosatanis, the Devils sidekick. He, Prosatanis, has attempted to take over the world previously, but he was stopped by King Richard the Lionheart who smashed his source of power, his wand. King Richard then banishes him to an underground dungeon. His accidental release sets him off again on his mission to dominate the world, but first, he must collect together the pieces of the wand. The detectives must stop him once and for all.

Invasion USA

This movie starts in the swamps of the south of the USA. It features gunfights to satisfy the most bloodthirsty fans. This is a typical 1980’s cold war film in which the communists try to invade the USA via Cuba. His, Norris’s, ability with his machine gun plays out numerous shooting scenes, and there are enough bombs and explosions to stop an invasion! Also depicted is the attempt to bomb a bus and an epic fight out in a shopping mall.

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The History of Wrestling

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The History of Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the first sports practised by man. 15000-year-old cave drawings have been found in France, showing men pitting their strength against each other. Carvings and pictures in caves and tombs show combatants in holds still used today. Different forms of wrestling have evolved over the years which have culminated in the way used today at the Olympic Games.

The Samarians

The Samarians practised wrestling which included the use of referees to oversee the rules of the fight. The Epic of Gilgamesh, together with the sculptures and other forms of art mentioned already, discusses wrestling as it was 5000 years ago, which even predates the bible!

The ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians enjoyed the sport and drawings showing hundreds of combatants engaging each other to show their skills and strengths.

The Greeks

Revered the art of wrestling and the famous participants were idolised. The Olympic contestants had to excel at a combination of different sports, discus, the long jump, the javelin and long and short distance running – wherein the wrestling was the main and final event. The winner of the wrestling was the competitor who managed to get his rival down on his back, hips, knees, chest, or elbows. The winner was crowned as the athlete of the games – the only award given! After the games, the combatants who had oiled their naked bodies and were subsequently covered in sand and dirt would bathe in hot water, and they would then have slaves scrape the oil and sweat off with a curved instrument called a strigil.

The Romans

In Roman times, wrestling was the sport of choice at all social levels – from the aristocracy to the soldiers and down to the shepherds in the fields. Unfortunately, in 393, Emperor Theodosius put a stop to any pagan events, which led to the demise of this type of game. Although wrestling continued to be a popular sport, it never reached the popularity of the olden times. Many attempts were made to introduce wrestling again; it wasn’t until Pierre de Coubertin formed the International Olympic Committee in 1896; it was never a national sport.

Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling, which started in France in 1830, was considered a show and competed with wild animals, fat women, deformed people, and hairy women in travelling shows. The sport then spread around Europe. Fixing of matches and fraudulent results brought the competition into disrepute. Modern wrestling at the turn of the last century wrestling was introduced to the United States of America. When nit was reintroduced to the Olympic games, it gained popularity with public opinion. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) grew with media such as television, and although this is not wrestling in the pure form, it is a lot more exciting and appreciated by the spectators. It is showmanship at its best and still requires a tremendous amount of skill and athleticism.

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Dustin Poirier to Fight Khabib

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Dustin Poirier to Fight Khabib

In the recent main event at UFC 236, Dustin Poirier managed to claim the interim lightweight title by beating Max Holloway in the fifth round.

Sunday last week, we saw the two determined fighters enter the octagon to fight for the interim title as a result of Khabib’s suspension due to a post-fight brawl in 2018 at UFC 229. The rightful title holder was suspended for only nine months but decided to extend it until his teammates are allowed to fight again, meaning he won’t fight for 12 months.

However, we expect to see Khabib take back to the octagon by the end of 2019, which means he will step into a fight with Dustin to determine who gets to keep the lightweight title.

There are also many other fighters lining up to complete against Khabib in when he returns, including Dustin Gaethje, Conor McGregor and possibly Tony Ferguson. However, all of them would have to wait as the current title holder Dustin Poirier now has priority.

Dana White confirmed the fight following the title victory on Sunday, stating that Khabib and Dustin will be the next to fight for the title. He also mentioned that the event is most likely to take place in September of 2019, but it has not been confirmed as well. We expect to see Khabib return around September, making this the first fight he walks into as he is welcomed back.

Unlike Khabib, Poirier didn’t manage to get up in MMA quite as fast, but he did have a promising career ahead of him from the very start. After his first four wins, he seemed to have hit the brakes though, which he then decided to make a career move and join the lightweight category in 2015.

It might have taken his 22 fights to make his way to a title fight, but there’s no doubt that Poirier has what it takes to defend the title. Even Dana White says he shouldn’t be criticised for how long it took and as we all know, Dustin has been a victim of the media.

Now, with the interim title, he has the first choice to take on Khabib and finally claim this way to become a fighter he is meant to be seen as. When you look at all the details, Dustin should consider himself lucky for the opportunity as Toiny Ferguson was the first choice for the title fight. However, Tony turned down the offer as he wants nothing less than a full title fight against Khabib.

While the fight against Max Holloway would’ve given him just that, We saw Tony decline the offer, thinking he would be one of the fighters lining up to take on Khabib when he returns. However, it’s unlikely for Tony to take part now as he has been dealing with personal issues and hasn’t been involved with UFC as much.

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MMA Legend Conor McGregor Tweets his Retirement

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MMA Legend Conor McGregor Tweets his Retirement

Conor McGregor has been some of the significant focus around MMA fighting news for a last couple of months, but things seemed to have called down until he attacked a fan for trying to take a picture of the fighter outside a hotel in Nevada.

Now, with that almost in the past as well and nearly at the end of his suspension, the professional fighter announced that he would be retiring from MMA.

The Tweet hit his page on the 26th of March 2019, wishing all his colleagues well and including that he will be retiring to join his former partners who are in retirement already.

Not the First Time he Mentioned Retirement

While Tweets like this are sure to get people talking, it seems many are taking it rather lightly as the lightweight champ has done it before.

In April 2016, McGregor used the popular social platform Twitter to announce early retirement as well. In a quick Tweet, he said he decided to retire young and that he is thankful for the cheese. The first retirement was announced when he was just 27 years old and had just lost the second time in a row to Nathan Diaz by submission. By now, we know the retirement threat never went through, and McGregor was seen in the octagon multiple times after that.

Reason for Retirement this Time

Now at 30 years old, we see McGregor hasn’t been having the best start to 2019 as he entered the year with a hearing and being suspended for six months after the post-fight brawl that was started by opponent Khabib at the time.

This means we haven’t seen McGregor take on any fighters in UFC since UFC229, which was way back in October 2019. His suspension is said to end next month, and he has already been lined up with fighting opportunities, which is where it all began.

McGregor was set to fight against Donald Cerrone, but just last week, Donald was booked to take on Al Iaquinta instead, which takes place in May of this year. At the same time, the UFC wanted McGregor to take part as the co-main event, but it didn’t take long before he turned down the offer. Instead, of accepting, he said he wants shares in UFC for taking part as the co-main event.

McGregor says all he asks for are shares as he knows he would be pushing up the views, for now, ESPN+ event. He says he is more than winning to take part, even in the first fight, but all he wants are shares in UFC.

The idea of getting shares in UFC isn’t a new thing either. McGregor has been pushing for stocks since the first two-division champ match where he took the lightweight title. However, the UFC seems against the idea, which could be the main reason for the retirement.

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Khabib Says Ferguson had his Chance at the Title

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Khabib Says Ferguson had his Chance at the Title

Recently stripped of his lightweight title to be rewarded to another interim fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov says he doesn’t get when Ferguson is upset. After the brawl at UFC229, Khabib was suspended for attacking teammates of his opponent Conor McGregor. The UFC boss, Dana White told Khabib he wouldn’t be able to hold onto the title while he sits out with teammates who received 12-month suspensions for their part in the chaos. Instead of completely stripping him of the title, UFC will reward the title to the winner of a UFC 236 fight, taking place on the 13th of April 2019. The winner will hold onto the title until Khabib returns later on this year.

With the title on the line, most boxing fans expected Tony Ferguson and Max Holloway to step into the octagon to see who gets to claim it. However, to the surprise of most, Ferguson refused the fight as he feels his hard work and training deserves more than just an interim title. It’s suggested that Ferguson only wants a fight with Khabib once he returns. They can take it out in the octagon to see who the ultimate lightweight fighting champion is for good.

Khabib Says Tony had his Chance and Missed it

Khabib takes to popular social media platform Instagram to deliver his thoughts on the title fight. Beginning by stating that he cannot fight Tony due to the suspension. He goes on to explain that it’s unfair for the UFC to strip him of the title as he fought three times within just nine months to defend the title.

He also adds that he had three opportunities of his own to claim the title, but didn’t for various reasons. Including a fight in 2016 where a possible battle against Ramadan was offered, which he turned down. The second opportunity was at UFC 205 in New York where he signed, but the title was given away. Finally, the third time, was at UFC 209 when he was taken to the hospital and almost died.

Finally, the Instagram message ended with Khabib explain that Tony is a great fighter and that he certainly deserves a title, but with the way things are now with him being disqualified, Tony would either need to wait for the fight or he would need to get in the fight now and claim the interim title. He also adds that the fight against him is unlikely since the UFC doesn’t want it.

If Tony waits for Khabib’s disqualification to be over, he would need to wait until the end of the year before the fight would be possible. The only problem would the winner of the interim battle for the title as they would need to take on Khabib to determine who would keep it. Therefore, Khabib would need to win, and then Tony can line up for the fight against Khabib.

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Professional Fighting News

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Professional Fighting News

Fighting news has been a hot topic in the last week. We have seen multiple major shifts as fighters once again making news with major brawls at professional events. Luckily, there is some general news as well, but fights outside the fighting area have caused even this.

It’s quite disappointing to see these things happen as it puts a hold on possible fights and significant events for the sport. Not only do professional fighters get disqualified, but it puts a substantial shift on the respect we have for the fighters. On top of that, they destroy their careers, perhaps not instantly, but it positively affects what they can achieve. Below, we look at some of the latest news revolving around the UFC lightweight title and a massive brawl that took place at the BJJ event in Brazil.

Santos Attacks Pena’s Teammates at BJJ Main Event

Some of the biggest fighting news in the last week has to involve the jiu-jitsu fight between Erberth Santos and Felipe Pena, which started usually but didn’t end well for Santos at all. It all went well, and the fight was underway, but when Pena attempted to sweep Santos, it resulted in Santos falling to the ground in pain. He claimed his knee had been injured and the fight was put on hold to provide Santos with medical attention. While the team was looking him over, an argument broke out between Santos. Pena’s teammates who were saying he is faking the injury and he should get up and fight instead.

It wasn’t long after when Santos amazingly jumped to his feet and ran to the team to attack a black belt student, Daniel Thedit. Of course, the first thing wrong with this action is the fact that he was able to run with a supposed to be injured knee. He went on to start the fight, which was met with loads of people getting involved. Some were trying to add to the brawl by attaching team members while others were trying to stop the fight and get them separated.

With all this going on and Santos unable to get to Daniel, he changed his mind and set sights on another student named Servio Junqueira instead. He pushed Servio right off the podium, fell himself and was met by a series of punches and kicks as Pena fans attacked Santos.

Interim Lightweight Title Fight Declined by Ferguson

With Khabib out for most of 2019, thanks to a brawl he started in 2018, Dana White decided he cannot hold onto the lightweight title until he returns. Therefore, the UFC plans to line up a fight for someone else to retain the title until Khabib enters the octagon once again.

Naturally, the first and most deserving choice was Tony Ferguson, but not long after being offered the fight against Max Holloway, he decided the match and posted that he deserves more. Now, the title fight goes to Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier who will step into the octagon in April 2019.

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