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Jon Jones Facing One-Year Suspension

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Jon Jones Facing One-Year Suspension

The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has been arrested for drinking while driving with intent. Those charges extend to possessing a firearm, not having insurance of his vehicle and possession of open containers. Fighting analysts have started calling Jones that UFCs “Disappointment of All Time”. Supporters behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship shouldn’t expect these athletes to be perfect citizens.

Professional fighting can create multiple adverse side effects to the brain, with many speculating that after a lengthy career, this has begun happening to Jon Jones. It should be noted that he’s committed criminal offences previously, and continuously received leniency because of his celebrity. Things will change for Jon Jones in 2020, with the UFC having no choice but to implement a one-year suspension. This will leave Dana White without one of his most notable fighters, who can’t defend Jon Jones after disturbing video evidence was publicly released.

There have been multiple people throughout the UFC, and Jon Jones camp that has expressed this champion needs medical assistance. The suspension period is necessary to ensure that Jones can return to the UFC. It should be mentioned that Jones has come off four title defences throughout the last fourteen months. Sporting analysts and UFC Corporate were beginning to trust Jones for the 3rd time. The champion was slated to compete against Stipe Miocic in late 2020, with that bout now being impossible for Jones. The last time he fought was on February 8th in Houston against Dominick Reyes for UFC 247.

No Fight

There won’t be any fighting opportunities for Jon Jones after his numerous charges. The Albuquerque District Attorney’s Office will be handling the allegations against Jon Jones. They’ll be looking for a ten-year prison sentence for the drunk driving, possession of open containers, use of firearms and lack of insurance. Jon Jones was expected to be shooting guns around 1 AM around the Albuquerque Region. Locals identified a Black Jeep as the culprit, with Jon Jones being located in an identical field.

On-Scene Officers provided three field sobriety tests with Jon Jones, where he continually failed against all efforts. Breathalyzers were than administered to the Light Heavyweight Champion, where he went 2x over the legal limit. This prompted officers to search the vehicle, where a handgun was located. Jones was taken into handcuffs and will face court by March 30th.

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Conor McGregor Speaks with Bleacher Report

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Conor McGregor Speaks with Bleacher Report

Supporters behind the Irishman won’t have to wait long for his re-entrance into the UFCs Octagon or the Boxing Ring. This follows after Conor McGregor confirmed that he’d be competing sooner than later, with the Irish-born athlete having competed twice in the last seventeen months. There was a fifteen-month period where McGregor wasn’t seen in a fighting capacity, which came after his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. Conor would return at UFC 246 to demolish Donald Cerrone within 40-Seconds. It’s one of the fastest knockouts in sports history.

Millions worldwide engage with Connor McGregor’s fights. His presence is something that MMA enthusiasts have often enjoyed. It’s the buildup that’s more exciting than the actual battle, and it earns the UFC millions. Proof of McGregor’s value came when he boxed Floyd Mayweather Junior in 2017, which again saw the Irishman get knocked out. However, the money earned through this bout was extensive.

One of the future opponents for Conor McGregor could be Justin Gaethje, who is trying to implement mental warfare against the Irishman. McGregor hasn’t seemed interested in this opponent, with him indicating he’d prefer to combat Khabib Nurmagomedov or Floyd Mayweather Junior for a second time. It should be mentioned that Mayweather, Nurmagomedov and McGregor are all slated to fight each other. The Boxing Champion Mayweather could earn upwards of $300 Million to battle Khabib and Conor.

Conor’s Remarks

McGregor spoke with Bleach Report on his future. The Irishman mentioned that nobody wants a dull fight, that fans want the original version of Conor and deserve a passionate bout. These statements followed after competing against Khabib in 2017, where Conor didn’t take training seriously and prompted serious injury onto himself. It was expressed that he wants to win for the McGregor supporters and his family, that he’ll fight anybody to prove that he’s capable of re-acquiring the championship.

Conor McGregor closed out his remarks by expressing he’d compete in the Octagon shortly and would also be boxing in 2020. Now speculation regarding who those potential opponents will begin amongst UFC and Boxing Analysts. One thing is almost for sure; at some point, there’ll be a secondary bout between Khabib and Conor. Dana White will make it so.

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Aleksandar Rakic Extends Contract with UFC

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Aleksandar Rakic Extends Contract with UFC

After considerable deliberation regarding the future of Aleksandar Rakic, it was announced that the light heavyweight fighter would remain with the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship. This follows after prolonged discussions regarding his new contract, which is listed for an additional six-fights with this announcement. It marks the 3rd contract that the 28-year-old Austrian has completed with the UFC. Dana White and UFC Representatives haven’t revealed details regarding who he’ll be fighting for those six bouts.

UFC Experts believed that Aleksandar Rakic wouldn’t acquire another contract with the UFC, which would’ve followed after his first defeat in December 2019 at Busan. It was a split decision loss made by the judges, with supporters of Aleksandar Rakic expressing their disbelief. Most believed he’d won two of the three rounds, with this man dominating over his competition since September 2017. His record stands at four consecutive victories. Those included Justin Ledet, Jimi Manuwa, Francimar Barroso, and Devin Clark. He’s listed at the 10th highest-ranked fighter in the UFC, leaving supporters to wonder what UFC Experts are missing in their assessments.

Dustin Poirier Shutdown from Diaz Fight

Supporters behind the Light Heavyweight Division have also been looking forward to another competitor getting his next opportunity. This follows after Dustin Poirier from the Lightweight Division has rallied supporters of the UFC to demand a fight against Nate Diaz. Dustin had campaigned for this fight for a prolonged period, which started at UFC 230 when the two opponents had their matches cancelled. This cancellation is rumoured to centre around Nate Diaz, who wasn’t prepared to take on this champion fighter. Dustin has taken every avenue possible to trigger Diaz and have him return to the UFC, even verbally assaulting his younger brother.

Dustin Poirier has been told to abandon this quest, with Nate Diaz having no intentions of fighting again moving forward. This has led countless UFC Supporters and Experts to claim that Nate Diaz doesn’t have the bravery required to compete in the octagon. This would follow after he’d been knocked down in two consecutive competitions, with analysts expecting he’d lose against Dustin Poirier as well. Three knockouts back-to-back and your career is immediately over. Dustin Poirier offered to combat Nate Diaz in the octagon throughout any weight class, even providing the former champion with his favourite of 165lbs. Nate Diaz denied this potential fight, which saw Poirier respond with a boxing match. All possible versions of the two competing were turned down. Most believe that the days of Destructive Diaz is long over.

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Derrick Lewis Facing Severe Medical Condition

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Derrick Lewis Facing Severe Medical Condition

Shocking news regarding one of the fighters at UFC 247 has been unveiled. Derrick Lewis confirmed that he’s been battling a severe health issue, which was relevant during his fight against Ilir Latifi. Supporters of the “The Black Beast” went to social media to provide their praise towards Derrick Lewis, expressing that his strength is formidable. Having the capability to fight when facing a severe medical issue, only to then win the respective battle is impressive. The last two victorious fights for Derick Lewis, which were back-to-back, saw him facing this unnamed condition.

Reporters interviewed Derrick Lewis after he confirmed the illness via Twitter, asking if he’ll remain a headline fighter going forward. The Black Beast mentioned that he wouldn’t be retiring from the Ultimate Fighting Championship but will undergo multiple visitations with professional doctors. This will ensure that training won’t be depleted for Lewis, with the UFC demanding that those visitations be kept private for security concerns. This confirmation interview noted that medical professionals with the UFC have learned what the condition is and what must be done to solve the particular issue. Unfortunately, it’s a life-or-death medical issue that is severely challenging to overcome. If doctors are unable to provide recovery for Derick Lewis, he will die in a few short years.

The Black Beast mentioned that multiple athletes have suffered and passed away from this condition, which leads sporting analysts to believe that Lewis has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This disease can formulate regardless of your health and can kill an athlete within a short period. Derrick Lewis fighting shouldn’t be advised by any of the UFC doctors, showing a blatant lack of respect for athletes in the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Dana White has often been questioned on why fighters are brought to near-death for money. Individuals that support Derick Lewis have begun to send their wishes and blessings for his recovery. Losing the Black Beast would be one of the most upsetting and notable deaths in fighting for the last two decades.

Another Incident for Another Fighter

Derrick Lewis wasn’t the only individual that required medical assistance this week. BJ Penn was confirmed to be in a substantial automotive accident last week in Hawaii, which prompted his vehicle to roll over multiple times before coming to a halt. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, he was immediately transported via helicopter to the Hilo Medical Centre. Law enforcement believes that alcohol was relevant to his accident, with blood tests being administered at the medical facility. This could mark the second DUI for BJ Penn, which would place him immediately into jail.

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Mike Perry Picks Fight with Hollywood

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Mike Perry Picks Fight with Hollywood

Those participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship often never back down from a fight. Unfortunately, there are cases where certain fighters publicly embarrass themselves by creating media attention for no apparent reason. Most recently this applied to Mike Perry, who has threated Michael Jai White, an actor from Hollywood. This feud began when the UFC fighter viewed YouTube content that revolved around the actor, who provided knowledgeable insight on fighting for Blood & Bone, a film from 2009. This film centred around two actors from the UFC, including Gina Carano and Bob Sapp. Kimbo Slice also played a notable role in the film.

The content on YouTube displayed Michael White badmouthing Kimbo Slice, noting that he couldn’t take constructive criticism. This didn’t fit what Perry deemed respectful, which prompted the fighter to make public comments via social media. He publicly challenged the Hollywood actor, expressing that a bare-knuckle fight in his backyard would be ideal. Mike Perry also testified that Kimbo Slice could destroy Michael White in any scenario. The UFC Legend then expressed that the former MMA teachings undergone by Michael White created an individual who doesn’t know the subject anymore.

Michael White’s Response

Michael White wasn’t impressed with the statements made by Mike Perry via Twitter. The actor immediately responded to the aforementioned tweet, where he expressed that Mike Perry should learn the same MMA he was taught and that his Prison Move Technique would destroy him. White offered to teach the UFC fighter this move, claiming that if he did, Perry wouldn’t be ranked 20th in the UFC. Michael White finished his replying statement by mentioning that a bare-knuckle fight would be welcomed and that Perry is welcome to message him anytime he wants. Since that moment, the UFC Fighter has been silent on his various social media accounts.

It should be noted that Michael White isn’t the standard Hollywood actor, he’s maintained a professional martial artist career since the young age of seven. He’s acquired championship belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. Those techniques he amassed throughout his young adult life allowed him to reach critical success amongst Hollywood Elitist, appearing in notable titles like The Dark Knight. He’s also appeared in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and Tyson: The Movie. This extends to his role in Blood and Bone.

It’s not surprising that Mike Perry immediately backed down from his public fight. He clearly was trying to garner publicity towards his fighter career, which comes after having lost five of his last several fights. The most recent bout saw him getting knocked out by Geoff Neal. Perry continues to dropdown in the UFC standings and most likely won’t have a career after 2020.

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Donald Cerrone Calls out McGregor

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Donald Cerrone Calls out McGregor

Conor McGregor seems once again one of the top choices for lightweight fighters even after he lost his title to Khabib last year. This time, ‘it’s a name knows as the Cowboy who had won a five-round brawl against Al Iaquinta. Doland Cerrone is now out for the Irishman who is set to return to MMA within just a few weeks. He is still finding the ideal way to return after his six months suspension in October 2018, or he is retired, which is unlikely.

McGregor announced his retirement in April, but just a week afterwards, there were already signs that ‘it’s not real. Firstly, Dana White never knew about retirement as McGregor never told him. Its also been revealed that Dana and Conor always talk daily, including how McGregor would make his return to UFC.

Well, now he has the opportunity against a fighter who has been coming up in MMA faster than most. Donald Cerrone just managed his 23rd victory in UFC and was aiming to take on the title holder, but said he would want to fight McGregor is that opportunity ‘doesn’t come available first.

It would be a while before he would have a shot at the title as Dustin Poirier has just won the interim title. Khabib is the real title holder, but he was also suspended in October of last year. However, unlike McGregor, Khabib will only return after 12 months as he joins teammates until they can fight again as well.

Therefore, before Donald can have a shot at the title, Dustin and Khabib must first determine who the actual title holder is. This fight is expected to take place as early as September 2019, but no dates have been set just yet. Once the winner is announced, Donald would need to fight his way through all the other interested contenders before he would have a clear shot for the title.

Other Possible Fighters for the title

Of course, McGregor has been itching for a rematch against Khabib since last year when he lost in the fourth round. Now, he would also want to take on the champion and possibly take back the title.

We also see Tony Ferguson still wanting a fight for the title, who has just returned to the MMA world after having some personal problems. However, he has been cleared to fight and has come back with plans to get his championship fight finally.

There are loads of others wanting a shot at the fight between Dustin and Khabib finally determines a winner, but of those, Tony, McGregor and Doland are the most likely. Therefore, we might see some exciting fights as these contenders take each other on to see how deserves a shot at the title fight.

At this point, there aren’t any plans for such fights just yet, but ‘there’s little doubt that the UFC and Dana White ‘wouldn’t see the opportunities available.

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