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Charles Olivera Defeats Tony Ferguson

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Charles Olivera Defeats Tony Ferguson

The legendary prowess & skillsets of Tony Ferguson are becoming dismantled regularly. After Justin Gaethje defeated Ferguson earlier this year, most didn’t anticipate he’d compete until the new year. Tony returned promptly after recovering from his destructive battle with Gaethje, selecting Charles Oliveira as his next opponent. Ferguson was confident that winning this fight was guaranteed but would soon find out that Oliveira was more vital than ever.

Charles Oliveira destroyed Tony Ferguson, with onlookers & home viewers shocked by the destructive punches being laid-out against the former Interim Lightweight Champion. Reporters questioned Ferguson on what’d happened to his fighting spirit, where Tony responded that he’d return to the gym & determine what must be fixed. Never before has Tony Ferguson experienced two consecutive losses, as most analysts claim that age is beginning to limit the former champion contender.

Trainers permitted on-scene were screaming for Ferguson to improve his stance, as Charles Oliveira continued assaulting Tony with multiple takedowns. Oliveira was continually working towards submissions throughout the three rounds, as Ferguson had hardly survived the onslaught & was often saved by the round-ending bell. Anyone watching saw that Oliveira was controlling this fight, prompting his 8th consecutive victory in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Tony Ferguson didn’t respond to reporters when questioned about his performance, with the former champion contender waiting to collect his thoughts & discuss the matter over Instagram. Ferguson mentioned that he hadn’t any excuses for what had happened. Attacking combinations from Oliveira were welcomed by Ferguson, meaning his defence was minimal. Tony hadn’t accounted for the speed of Charles Oliveira.

1st Round Fear

There was an incident in the first round that saw fear strike Tony Ferguson’s eyes. Charles Oliveira performed a submission on Fergusson, which led towards an unexpected armbar. Footage shows how Tony’s arm was torqued & twisted to the point of almost breaking. If performed earlier in the first round, Ferguson would’ve likely lost the fight. Photographic evidence from Ferguson’s Instagram post highlights there wasn’t any severe damage to his left-arm & will be capable of competing again next year. UFC President Dana White will likely give Tony Ferguson another chance to win. If he loses, then retirement will be forced.

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Mark Striegl Makes UFC Debut on October 17th

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Mark Striegl Makes UFC Debut on October 17th

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was slated to have another fighter debut in 2020, this time at UFC Fight Night 180. Mark Striegl was expected to make his debut months ago but was forced out of contention after contracting COVID-19. Without testing positive for the coronavirus, Mark Striegl would’ve fought Timur Valiev in August 2020 at UFC ESPN 15.

UFC President Dana White would give Striegl another opportunity to compete, this time with the younger brother of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Mark Striegl didn’t hesitate to sign this contracted fight & will now battle Said Nurmagomedov on October 17th. Most believe that Dana White is favouring the Nurmagomedov family, with Mark Striegl having never competed in the UFC before & Said Nurmagomedov having ample experience in the Octagon.

Vengeance for Said Nurmagomedov

Said Nurmagomedov has maintained two fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with his namesake becoming popular amongst supporters with family relations to Khabib. Dana White has waited until the perfect moment to reintroduce Said Nurmagomedov for a 3rd bout, with his last battle taking place in December 2019 at UFC Fight Night 165. It’d be during this bout that Said Nurmagomedov lost his 2nd fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with judges providing the unanimous decision to Raoni Barcelos. He’ll now look to dominate over Mark Striegl at UFC Fight Night 180.

The most dangerous weapon associated with Said Nurmagomedov is his kickboxing capabilities. When competing against Ricardo Ramos at UFC Fight Night 144, the debut fight for Said Nurmagomedov, he’d perform a destructive spinning back-end kick. Afterwards, the younger brother of Khabib laid out nearly a dozen punches before the fight was called. Said Nurmagomedov won his first bout by unanimous decision. It’ll be this moment that Khabib’s younger brother tries to repeat, and not the bout against Raoni Barcelos.

Striegl Emphasis Concern

UFC Reporters have questioned Mark Striegl on his thoughts behind the Said Nurmagomedov fight. Striegl evoked that Khabib’s younger brother has formidable kickboxing capabilities and that his camp has accounted for that in his training. Mark mentioned that his mental state has honed into his talents and will impose his physical prowess onto Said Nurmagomedov. Defeating the brother of Khabib during Mark’s debut fight would cement his future in the Ultimate Fighting Competition. The stakes might be high, but the reward is more significant.

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Rafael Dos Anjos Contracts COVID-19

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Rafael Dos Anjos Contracts COVID-19

UFC 254 is being altered in it’s scheduling for the 2nd time. It’s been announced by the Ultimate Fighting Champion that Rafael Dos Anjos has contracted COVID-19 & cannot compete at the upcoming Pay-Per-View because of health concerns. It’s a notable disappointment for Rafael, who was slated to compete against Islam Makhachev on the October 24th PPV. It would’ve marked his strongest opponent yet, with Dos Anjos having to content against a future Russian-champion.

Makhachev has dominated over his six last opponents, and bookmakers were expecting no different with Dos Anjos. Defeating Islam Makhachev would’ve cemented Rafael Dos Anjos as a serious contender in the UFC. His exit from UFC 254 means that Dana White is seeking a replacement fight, with multiple names being suggested. It’s been rumoured that Islam Makhachev could have a rematch against Adriano Martins, the exclusive fighter to have knocked out the Russian.

The Twitter Revelation

Rafael Dos Anjos didn’t hesitate to reflect over his COVID-19 infection through Twitter. He took to thousands of follows and clarified what’s happening going forward with his case of coronavirus. Dos Anjos first mentioned that life is confusion & that things we don’t understand today, can become revealed years into the future. He’d reflect that by leaving the United States of America & travelling towards Brazil, the risk was associated with contracting coronavirus. Both these nations have the highest infection numbers for COVID-19. However, Rafael Dos Anjos didn’t regret his decision & reflected that time spent in Rio De Janeiro was unforgettable.

The Brazilian UFC fighter would then mention that healthcare professionals are guiding him towards defeating this virus and that his coaches have been resilient turning this period. He’d promise to supporters that regardless of what happens going forward, he’ll continue to preserve in the determination of acquiring his championship goals. He pledged that shortly he’d be victorious in the Octagon.

However, eliminations in the UFC Roster have been consistent during the COVID-19 pandemic & CEO Dana White hasn’t hesitated towards cancelling contracts when coronavirus measures aren’t followed. Fighters aren’t supposed to travel after the Khabib Nurmagomedov incident, meaning that Rafael Dos Anjos broke the rules. His punishment is unknown for now but inevitably coming.

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Anderson Silva Indicates Final Foe

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Anderson Silva Indicates Final Foe

The final competitor that Anderson Silva could compete against in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is Uriah Hall. UFC fans have clamoured for the return of Anderson Silva, the former middleweight champion that defended his belt for ten back-to-back fights. The legacy of Silva isn’t entirely over, with it being known two fights remain for Anderson in his UFC contract. The Middleweight Champ is now revealing that his final bout could be against Uriah Hall on October 31st at UFC Fight Night. It’d mark the end of a 22-Year Era, with Silva first entering professional fighting in 1998.

Anderson Silva spoke with ESPN on the upcoming bout, where he’d evoke that this will likely be his last fight in professional combat sports. Anderson noted that the level of training being done daily is to do his absolute best while thanking his team for preparation over the last few weeks. The former Middleweight Champion remarked hope that he’ll dominate over Uriah Hall, and that his previous performance can be memorable for his long-time supporters.

MMA Sports Reporters have questioned Dana White (UFC President) on what he believes the future holds for Anderson Silva. UFCs President has evoked multiple times that Silva will retire after October 31st, that Uriah Hall will likely headline the 185-Pound bout, permitting that restrictions aren’t applied amid the coronavirus pandemic. White finalized his statements by saying “Yes, it will be Anderson’s last UFC fight”.

The Hope for UFCs GOAT

Few UFC fighters contend for the title of “Greatest of all Time”. He is considered the competitions longest-running champion, holding onto the Middleweight Championship Belt from 2006 to 2013. Multiple other fighters contest his GOAT status. Those include Daniel Cormier, Nick Diaz, Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin, Chris Weidman, and Michael Bisping.

The ultimate hope & desire for Anderson Silva is to reclaim his Middleweight Championship, then retire from the UFC while riding off into the sunset. However, Anderson is aware that it’s unlikely he’ll become a champion again from defeating Uriah Hall. That’s because Anderson Silva has lost six of the last several bouts he’s fought in the UFC.

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Justin Gaethje Mentally Prepares for Nurmagomedov

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Justin Gaethje Mentally Prepares for Nurmagomedov

The battle between UFCs highest-ranked lightweight contenders is heating up, with their fight slated to arrive by October 24th. Dedicated support of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has craved the return of Khabib Nurmagomedov, a Middle Eastern & Russian competitor that has dominated regularly over his competition. No UFC fighter has defeated Khabib, not even Conor McGregor. That zero-loss record for Nurmagomedov could end after battling against Justin Gaethje, one of the speediest fighters that the UFC has ever crossed.

Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov has begun engaging with her standard mental warfare, informing Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje that he’ll take the American into the deepest of oceans & drown him in-front of millions. Considering Justin Gaethje destroyed Tony Ferguson at his last UFC appearance, the long-time rival of Khabib, the Interim Lightweight Champion wasn’t deterred by Nurmagomedov. Warnings were issued back towards Khabib from the Gaethje camp, with Highlight informing the Eagle that it’ll be all-out carnage at UFC 254.

Justin Gaethje spoke with ESPN via videoconference on August 12th, where he’d emphasize that there’ll be a zone of death before him & that it won’t be Khabib Nurmagomedov that represents the Grim Reaper. Gaethje noted that it’s him who represents death, represents carnage, and creates horrific accidents in the octagon. Few fighters reach these levels in their retaliation, suggesting that Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje is looking to induce more damage to Khabib than any of his former opponents.

Who Will Win?

Justin Gaethje has stood on a formidable winning streak, defeating multiple opponents that were expected to dominate over the Highlight. When Justin dominated over Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 & became the Lightweight Interim Champion, his next goal was immediately acquiring the full championship from Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dana White would allow Gaethje the right to compete for six-months later against the Eagle.

Khabib fight with ferocity & anger after losing his father to the novel coronavirus. Competing against Justin Gaethje will mark one of Khabib’s final fights, with Nurmagomedov expected to retire by 2022. Justin is competing with young talent & faster speed than the “Aging Eagle”, which will be harder for Khabib to contend against after a prolonged vacation from fighting. Justin is active in the UFC, with Nurmagomedov having disappeared since COVID-19 arrived.

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Khabibs Manager Confirms Return for 2020

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Khabibs Manager Confirms Return for 2020

The return of Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov is something desired by hundreds of thousands who support MMA. Most were anticipating his arrival earlier this year at UFC 249, where Nurmagomedov would’ve competed against Tony Ferguson. Concerns with travel from Russia to the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic forced this fight into cancellation status, with Khabib replaced by Justin Gaethje.

It’s officially thirteen months since Khabib Nurmagomedov last competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, holding onto his title belt longer than any other in UFC history without having to fight. Khabib’s last battle stood against Dustin Poirier during UFC 242 in June 2019. Most believe Nurmagomedov shouldn’t be provided special treatment, with it ultimately being Khabib’s fault for not attending UFC 249. The Middle Eastern/Russian fighter decided to return home while the pandemic was breaking out.

Sentiments towards special treatment for Khabib Nurmagomedov have changed after the death of his father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. His passing was prompted from complications with COVID-19. The untimely & tragic death of Abdulmanap was left Khabib into an understandable position of mourning. Dana White emphasized on the July 18th weekend that Khabib would be given all the time required to mourn.

Ali Abdelaziz has given hope for dedicated supporters of Khabib Nurmagomedov, remarking that “The Eagle” will compete before 2020s end. This UFC Manager emphasized that Dana White will make the announcement shortly & that Khabib isn’t completed accomplishing his MMA goals. Abdelaziz then confirmed that Nurmagomedov would fight Justin Gaethje before any other opponent, dismantling any chance for a return against Tony Ferguson.

Details Not Released

ESPN and NBC Sports reporters asked that Ali Abdelaziz provided an exact date for the “Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Justin Gaethje” fight. The manager refused to give these details, indicating that promoters are meant to make an official announcement. Ali noted that Dana White would deliver details on a highly speculated fight when they’re available.

Speculation first indicated that Khabib Nurmagomedov would battle Justin Gaethje at Fight Island in September at UFC 253. After the death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, that period could be postponed later into November & December in 2020.

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