Cage Fighting

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Cage Fighting

Cage fighting is a combination of martial arts and street fighting fought in an octagonal, fenced ring. The object is to subdue or knock out your opponent by any means. This sport, although not recognised by the International Olympics Committee, is stealing popularity from the likes of boxing and WWE wrestling. To become champions fighters must compete against others of the same weight class, as often as possible, to build up points.

The fight lasts 3 or 5 rounds of 5 minutes each and ref joins the fighters in the cage. A combination of different martial skills is employed such as wrestling, boxing, judo, karate, taekwondo and kickboxing. A combatant is a winner if the opponent is either knocked out or taps out. If a fight reaches the end of the designated rounds without a looser, the winner will be judged by the most number of mighty blows and takedowns. Cage fighting is the most demanding fight of our times and fitness is paramount.

This style of fighting is as violent as a fight can be without the use of weapons and is fought by two combatants at the peak of physical fitness and can end in serious injuries or even death. Broken limbs are not unheard of, and damaged facial features with copious blood are often the result of the severity of the fighting style. Broken necks and brain damage are always a possibility.

Female Fighters

More and more women are entering the cage, with some looking for fame and fortune and some just looking to provide for their families, and some just for the fun of it! They all have one thing in common: they don’t care what they look like after the fight! Others who train want to learn how to defend themselves, but there is the downside to this type of fighting. Katy Collins, the Red Dragon, died at the age of 32 from a brain aneurysm. A mother of two young boys from the USA she had been fighting for three years. Was it worth it?

Cage Fighting Kids

Some kids, as young as four, have started training in the martial arts. Although competition for kids is banned in the USA, training is above board. Some of these youngsters start MMA training as a defence against playground bullies. Hopefully, they don’t become the bullies themselves! Their self-esteem and confidence soar as they learn to defend themselves. Fighting in the cage is carefully monitored, and the kids are not expected to go so far as tapping out, and potentially dangerous moves and holds are nipped in the bud. Very few injuries have been reported, and combatants are required to wear helmets, gloves and shin guards. Hopefully, these young fighters will grow up to be MMA fighters, but at least they will leave the cage confident and able to defend themselves.