Bellator vs UFC – Who Will Receive the Most Views?

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Bellator vs UFC – Who Will Receive the Most Views?

It’s an understatement to believe that the UFC is one of the most watched fighting performances worldwide. Since the organisation has a deal with FOX to stream their fights and view them on paper view, thousands of loyal fans have been tuning in for the matches. Although, Bellator, a rival MMA organisation is trying to make waves and become a viewing and rating threat for the UFC.

Bellator’s quest to find a source to stream their fights has gained even more attention this previous Tuesday as the figureheads announced an extremely lavish deal (which is estimated to be near nine figures) and yearly deal with DANZ to stream the upcoming fights.

DANZ is a highly popular sports streaming company that is prevalent in Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Austria, Italy, and Germany. Although, the deal will become active on September 29th with the matches between Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald – the former will be defending his middleweight belt from the latter. Additionally, the highly anticipated match between the well-known heavyweights Wanderlei Silva and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The opening matches will be the predecessor to the upcoming welterweight Grand Prix that will include at least eight fighters.

Along with the already announced streaming list, DANZ has added in that at least seven exclusive fight cards will be broadcasted on cable as well, meaning that U.S waters may be able to catch a glimpse of one or a few of the fifteen fight cards. U.S fans should not worry as they will be able to see live broadcast as the fights as well thanks to the preexisting contract between Bellator and Paramount Network.

While surpassing the UFC is an ideal goal, a chief executive from Perform Media, the parent company if the rapidly growing DANZ has stated that the current incentive is to become equals with the UFC. If anything, the deal is seen more to benefit Bellator along with DANZ, where Bellator will finally have a chance to truly challenge the UFC and showcase the recently added talent to Bellator, along with DANZ become more prominent.

DANZ is already creating the path for itself as it is striving to be the Next of sports broadcasting. It is assumed that the monthly subscription to use their services will range anywhere from $10 to $15, which would be expensive yet fair as DANZ is waiting on new contracts to stream additional sports, such as boxing along with sports-related television series.

While the prices may steer some viewers away, there has been recent data studies which clearly shows that the will to purchase paper view packages is decreasing, the price seems to constantly rise. DANZ has been poking at the idea of creating a space where loyal sports fans can watch their favourite matches live or previous recordings without having to purchase each one separately.

While the likelihood is Bellator beating or matching with the UFC in regards to ratings is slowly increasing, the help of DANZ along with featuring previous UFC fighters in the upcoming lineup is showing a higher hope that this dream will become a reality and the UFC has met its match.