Bellator 201 – Mixed Martial Artists News

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Bellator 201 – Mixed Martial Artists News

Determining the top women MMA fighters was an impossible challenge in the earliest years, the best fighters, separated by weight class, distance and time on paths that never ever crossed. Women’s MMA remained in the dark when it came to television exposure while top male MMA fighters became household names.

Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg put an end to that in 2009 during an appearance on Showtime, a process furthered by Ronda Rousey, which mainstreamed women’s MMA. Since then women’s MMA came a long time in a big hurry, the women’s side rival the men’s side for the biggest names in the popular sport. Best of all fans get to regular updates via news and without further delay here is the latest MMA news on what is currently happening in Women’s & Men’s MMA.

Bellator 201

Bellator announced on the 4th of June that professional kickboxer/ cage fighter Keri Melendez will fight Tiana Valle in the Bellator 201 on the 29th of June 2018. This marks the return of Melendez after she defeated Padilla in November 2016, after she withdrew from the Bellator NYC due to injury last year. The latest line-up in the Bellator 201, after this addition now includes:

Women’s Flyweight Title:
Alejandra Lara vs Lei Macfarlane
Juan Archuelta vs. Robbie Peralta
Ed Ruth vs. Andy Murad
Jordan Young vs. Jamal Pogues
Lance Lee vs. Ricky Furar
Jacob Rosales vs. Joshua Jones
Ryan Couture vs Saad Awad
Kristina Williams vs Valerie Letourneau
Tiani Valle vs. Keri Melendez

The event airs on Paramount streamed from the Casino and Pechanga Resort in Temecula headlined by the 125-pound fight between Alejandra Lara and Lei MacFarlane.

Keri-Anne Taylor-Melendez to make 2nd appearance

The wife of Gilbert Melendez, a Strike force veteran, Keri-Anne Taylor-Melendez makes her 2nd appearance in the MMA in June 2018 when she will face Tiani Valle at the Bellator 201 in a strawweight but on the 29th of June, while the headlight of the event is Alejandra Lara vs Lei Macfarlane battling it out for the Flyweight World Title.

Thousands of fans are super excited to watch Ed Ruth as he makes his first appearance as a welterweight at the Bellator 201 when he faces Andy Murad. Originally, the undefeated ED Ruth was to make his debut at the Bellator 196 when his opponent withdrew. Andy Murad on the other hand enters the event with a nine-bout winning streak which includes his Johnny Cisneros defeat. Another debut at the event is that of Peralta, with eight UFC fights under his belt, as well as WSOF and Strikeforce fights.