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Conor McGregor Signs Poirier Contract

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Conor McGregor Signs Poirier Contract

Several weeks have passed since the UFC announced Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier would sustain a rematch. That announcement was pre-emptive, with UFC President Dana White confirming McGregor hadn’t signed the contract. It led towards speculation that Conor’s third retirement would genuinely be his last. However, an announcement was made on November 25th that Conor McGregor has signed his contract to compete against Dustin Poirier.

UFC Analysts are surprised that Dana White & Conor McGregor could sustain a contractual agreement. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced UFCs President to decrease contract salaries for fighters, which created significant issues throughout the top roster. Fighters like Conor McGregor & Jorge Masvidal announced they’d retire from the octagon. Both men have returned since those false claims, seemingly working towards higher salaries through aggressive negotiations. UFC President Dana White wouldn’t fold his cards & continued to offer lower wages.

Dana White hadn’t concerned himself with Conor McGregor after “Notorious” announced his third retirement. It wouldn’t be until McGregor announced that Dustin Poirier & himself would compete in an MMA battle for charity, Dana White would change his mindset. Both men were offered the opportunity to compete professionally in the octagon. This led towards several weeks of negotiations with Conor McGregor. Details regarding how much “Notorious” has been paid for UFC 255 hasn’t been announced. It’ll likely be $10 Million or higher.

The Second Irishman

Conor McGregor could find himself the unfavoured talent for Ireland by 2021. UFC President Dana White announced that Ireland’s Dean Barry had been contracted for roster employment. It’s unknown when the MMA Irish Fighter could make his debut appearance in the UFC octagon. However, analysts anticipate a steady rise for Dean Barry. This Irish Kickboxer is a multiple-time champion in Ireland & the European Union.

International appearances from Dean Barry have also been sustained in the United States & Middle East. It’s his prominent rise throughout 2020 that gained Dana White’s interest. Dean Barry does enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship older than most at 28. Don’t expect him not to perform though, with previous victories from Dean Barry including Thomas Thatcher at his debut MMA performance in 2017. Barry has won three of his four fights.

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Israel Adesanya is Nothing for Jon Jones

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Israel Adesanya is Nothing for Jon Jones

UFCs roster regularly employs social media to engage in verbal abuse & challenge each other to battles, providing UFC President Dana White an ample selection of fighting opportunities. Supporters have recently witnessed Champion Jon Jones verbally assault Israel Adesanya & Jan Blachowics, informing both competitors that they’re not viable opponents for becoming a Two-Division Champion. Few have accomplished this task & now with analysts questioning if Jon Jones is the GOAT, the American MMA fighter is looking towards a second championship. Maintaining two belts consecutively would cement Jones as the UFCs Greatest of All Time and not Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Twitter discussions were maintained between Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya, and Jan Blachowics. It was Blachowics that prominently engaged in verbally assaulting the Light Heavyweight Champion, with Jones being forced to defend himself. It prompted Jones to discuss criticism from former rivals like Daniel Cormier & inform Blachowics that his presence in the octagon is pointless.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones mentioned to Jan Blachowics that before turning twenty-five, he’d begun earning millions & has accumulated a wealth most in the Ultimate Fighting Championship haven’t ascertained. Jones evoked that a “Super Fight” against Israel Adesanya or Jan Blachowics wouldn’t benefit his career long-term. Jon is the divisional champ & has defended his belt multiple times while amassing monetary wealth that can sustain a lifetime. Money won’t sway Jon’s decision to compete.

Heavyweight Division for Jones

Stripe Miocic is the opponent Jon Jones wants to compete against at his next Pay-Per-View. Discussions regarding these two men battling in the octagon have been considered on several previous occasions. Jones competing against Stripe Miocic means moving up to the Heavyweight division. It should be clarified that Jon Jones hasn’t competed since the UFC entered their pandemic era, with his last PPV being in February 2020. Dominik Reyes was defeated horribly by Jon Jones at UFC 247 and marked Jones 11th title defence of the UFC Light Heavyweight Belt.

Supporters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship have clamoured for Jon Jones to return before 2021. Champions in the UFC are required to defend their title once-per-year, with Jones having accomplished that requirement in February 2020. Most analysts believe he’ll return by January to February in 2021, prolonging his run as champion.

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McGregor Still Hasn’t Signed Poirier Contract.

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McGregor Still Hasn’t Signed Poirier Contract.

There’s a little chance that Conor McGregor might not sign an offered contract to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. This information comes after Dana White provided updates on the second fight between Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier. Issues don’t surround Poirier, who has signed his contract and ready to compete against the Notorious Irishman by January 23rd. Contractual problems surround McGregor, who hasn’t signed for unknown reasons. Inside sources suggest that Conor is demanding more massive payouts from Dana White, with the UFC President refusing to budge.

Conor McGregor has minimal time until the signing date will pass, forcing him to wait a prolonged period until Dana White offers him another fight. This means that the Notorious Irishman has several days to finalize his contract or face monetary losses. Most have forgotten with the announcement of Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier 2 that the Irishman retired for the 3rd time in 2020. Most supporters are disgusted by Notorious McGregor extensively using retirement to evoke higher paydays. Some MMA analysts anticipate that viewership for McGregor will drastically be lower in 2021, which would follow suit with his appearances on UFC-related programming. Viewership on those programs grows smaller with each appearance of McGregor.

White has Confidence

MMA Reporters pressed UFC President Dana White for details regarding McGregor’s contractual signed. Dana White informed reporters that he isn’t aware if Conor has signed the contract, or not. The UFC President mentioned he isn’t concerned about the fight not happening & indicated that negotiations between McGregor hadn’t gone this far without him competing. Dana White promised that regardless of what happens between now and January 23rd, he’ll expect that McGregor will show at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. Dana White noted his assumption of Conor signing the contract already, and that they’ve texted each other with the clarification that negotiations are done.

This guarantees supporters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship that the over-glorified Conor “Notorious” McGregor will compete at the UFC 257 Pay-Per-View. Supporters won’t be surprised if & when Conor defeats Dustin Poirier at the upcoming January 23rd PPV. Their last match saw Notorious outmatch & outrank Dustin Poirier.

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McGregor Assesses Career of Khabib Nurmagomedov

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McGregor Assesses Career of Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov announced his retirement at UFC 254, shocking fighters & analysts that predicted others. Praise for the combative skills displayed by Nurmagomedov throughout his career has come in waves since his retirement. Nobody had anticipated that rivals from throughout Khabib’s career would praise the UFC Lightweight Champion. However, Conor McGregor & Justin Gaethje have both evoked that Khabib is a phenomenal fighter.

The rivalry of Khabib Nurmagomedov & Conor McGregor was massive for the UFC, creating one of the most viewed pay-per-views in history. When the two fought against each other in October 2018, Khabib Nurmagomedov would dominate over Conor McGregor & defeat “Notorious” by the 4th round via submission. Their rivalry didn’t stop after this bout, with analysts & fans wanting to see a rematch. After announcing his retirement, McGregor won’t ever obtain that rematch with Nurmagomedov.

Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Competition would see Khabib Nurmagomedov fight his last octagon battle at UFC 245. For the third time since acquiring the UFC Lightweight Championship, Khabib defended his title & submitted Justin Gaethje by the 2nd round. Minutes later Nurmagomedov announced his retirement. Most have maintained that Khabib is the “Greatest of All Time” in MMA history. Though the Russian Champion might have a 29-0 Record in his fighting career, Khabib Nurmagomedov claiming GOAT isn’t accurate. That title belongs to Jon Jones & Anderson Silva.

McGregor Believes Himself Better Than Khabib

Conor McGregor took to Twitter, reflecting on the career of Nurmagomedov & their rivalry. Notorious evoked that Khabib is the most excellent grappler ever seen in mixed martial arts & the best fighter of the modern era UFC. However, Conor believes himself capable of dethroning Nurmagomedov. That isn’t possible considering that McGregor has lost numerous fights throughout his career, including a loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr in a boxing match.

Notorious will be given another opportunity to showcase his skillsets on January 23rd, 2021. That’s when Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier are slated to compete for a second time. Conor won their last octagon matchup, with Notorious dominating over Poirier with a first-round knockout. Supporters of Conor hope that history will repeat itself on January 23rd.

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UFC Popularity is Dwindling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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UFC Popularity is Dwindling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Foolish predictions for UFC 254 were made by President Dana White, who suggested that the Pay-Per-View would evoke the highest views to date. UFC 245 was slated to be the largest PPV that the Ultimate Fighting Championship had held at Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island. What Dana White was suggesting would’ve also broken all records for UFC Pay-Per-View history. Conor McGregor & Khabib Nurmagomedov had been the previous record holder in October 2018.

That record wouldn’t be overtaken until Jorge Masvidal & Kamaru Usman fought this year. Dana White presumed history would repeat itself with Nurmagomedov’s battle against Justin Gaethje. However, viewership records were the lowest the UFC has seen throughout 2020. For the eyes of UFC President Dana White, it’s likely a failure & indication that new viewers must be approached.

The UFC 245 Pay-Per-View is reported to have acquired 675,000.00 viewers, meaning that hundreds of thousands paid $64.99 to witness the fight. That’s still an incredible profit for four hours of hosted entertainment. Without spending any respective fees & costs associated with hosting this fight, Dana Whites UFC would’ve made $43 Million. Its likely profit margins are roughly $30 Million. It should be clarified though that margins are lower than what would’ve been earned with Usman vs Masvidal ranking 1.3 Million viewers. PPV Costs were still the same at $64.99.

Details regarding viewership for the Ultimate Fighting Championship was provided through ESPN+. It was noted that 500 thousand viewers were obtained through America. The remaining 175 thousand PPV buyers were international supporters. What this shows is dwindling popularity in the UFC. Justin Gaethje last fought in May 2020 against Tony Ferguson, with that Pay-Per-View ranking 700k viewers.

The Nelk Boys

Preliminary fight viewership also saw its lowest ratings in 2020. The UFC 245 Prelims saw 343 thousand recorded viewers, with the demographic ageing between 18 to 49. It means the UFC must reach new audiences quickly to sustain future growth from 2021 to 2022. One method that UFC President Dana White has worked to create new viewers is with the NELK Boys, a YouTube Channel that averages 5.3 Million views per video. Dana White was seen on their latest video, with suggestive discussions indicating that members of the NELK Boys could join the UFC. Justin Gaethje & Khabib Nurmagomedov also appeared in this video.

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