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The Return of Mike Tyson

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The Return of Mike Tyson

He was once considered one of the most potent and influential boxers in history, with this man now returning to the ring for charity. That individual is Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He’s continuously caused social media to explode with every video entry on his Instagram. It shows a man who’s more than 53 obtaining a young-mans physique, with speed and prowess that hasn’t been demonstrated by Tyson for decades.

When Mike Tyson announced that he’d return to the boxing ring for charity, it didn’t take long for professional leagues to provide him with an official contract. The Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship announced that they’d contract Mike Tyson for $20 million, with this contract sustaining a single fight. Tysons remittance into professional boxing has also prompted additional ageing competitors to consider a revival. This includes Evander Holyfield, who believes a fight with Tyson is possible.

Dana White Reacts

Everyone isn’t excited at the concept of Mike Tyson returning. Competing in professional boxing at 53 is risky and challenging, with potential injuries causing lifelong damage. One individual requesting that Mike Tyson not return to professional boxing is Dana White. He noted that the physique of this former champion is incredible, that his skillsets are explosive, and that Tyson remains powerful. Dana White is even considering the possibility of hosting this fight is Mike Tyson refuses to stop. That way the UFC President could stop the fight if the former boxing champion were outmatched.

It says something with the most notable fighting league’s President requests a competitor not return. However, there are multiple promotors interested in the concept of catering to Mike Tyson. Dana White will find himself outmatched in trying to have this fight under his terms.

Tyson’s Thoughts

The former heavyweight boxing champion revealed that he feels unstoppable, that anything is possible and that the gods of war have reawakened inside him. Tyson remarked these statements when being interviewed by T.I. Via Instagram Live. Mike would note that he’ll continue to get in shape and prepare for the next fight. Tyson also clarified that a maximum of three rounds could be sustained at his age. This is a clear indicator that the former champion is concerned about his stamina.

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McGregor’s Manager Talks Conor’s Future

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McGregor’s Manager Talks Conor’s Future

Conor McGregor has remained a present force in the Ultimate Fighters Championship since defeating Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in January 2020. The Irishman made headlines earlier last week after UFC 249, which came when he made a tyrant of statements via Twitter. Nearly every competitor within the Lightweight Division was attacked by McGregor, showing the Irishman is desperate to fight anybody and reach a championship-level fight.

Conor hopes to compete against Justin Gaethje for the Interim Lightweight Championship Belt. Most are focused on the UFC Career of Conor McGregor, with others more concerned on his return to boxing. Details on who the Irishman is selecting throughout 2020-21 was revealed by his manager on May 12th.

The Manager of McGregor

Audie Attar provided multiple MMA news outlets with updated on Conor’s future in the Ultimate Fighters Championship. He remarked that Notorious will return to boxing in the future, with his primary concern right now being Mixed Martial Arts. Audie noted that McGregor hasn’t forgotten about boxing and plays to increase his weight by 2020, hoping to combat notable fighters like Tyson Fury.

The focus, for now, is obtaining a fight with either Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov, or Justin Gaethje. Some believe McGregor isn’t deserving of a championship fight, with the Irishman previously retiring and then returning. He should fight through the ranks like any other competitor in the UFC. However, money talks and Conor brings in hundreds of millions for Dana White. That’s why he’ll continuously receive special treatment over other competitors.

Audie Attar remarked that either of his desired opponents hadn’t approached Conor McGregor. It’s suspected that Audie himself will have to start these delegations. All fighters in the UFC want to compete against Conor McGregor, with anyone who fights the Irishman earning $10 million or higher. This figure is substantially larger than what standard fighters like Justin Gaethje are accustomed to receiving. That’s why most analysts agree that Justin will select McGregor as his next opponent, with Khabib Nurmagomedov coming 2nd. There’s always the chance that Dana White will give Tony Ferguson a 2nd fight with Justin Gaethje before the new Interim Lightweight Heavyweight Champion can compete against McGregor or Nurmagomedov.

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McGregor’s Future in UFC After COVID-19

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McGregor’s Future in UFC After COVID-19

The Ultimate Fighter’s Championship is slated to return on May 9th, with UFC Fans thrilled for the title headlining fight against Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson. There are supporters also excited for the return of Conor McGregor after defeating Donald Cerrone earlier in 2020. When the Irishman has been asked on his arrival, he’s continuously demanded that safety if his first and primary concern. But the former UFC Champion could return by July if the pandemic is contained.

Conor McGregor’s Manager, Audie Attar from Paradigm Sports Management, confirmed that returning in July is possible. These two men will determine the safety standards associated with the UFC at the May 9th Pay-Per-View. If measures are deemed satisfactory, Conor McGregor and Dana White will evaluate the next fight for Ireland’s Gladiator. Attar noted that the Irishman is concerned about the health & safety of UFC workforces, that he’ll demand more reliable protocols if Dana White wants him to return.

Considering that McGregor brings hundreds of millions into the UFCs revenue stream, Conor holds this unique position of power. This display of power was shown towards Irish Politicians, with McGregor demanding more reliable social distancing measures. His requests became viral and were met by Irish Politicians, prompting the country to rally for a possible Presidential Campaign in Ireland.

The Three Events

Dana White announced in late April that the UFC would hold three PPVs from on May 9th, 13th and 16th. This is the highest number of PPV Fights that the Ultimate Fighters Championship has experienced historically. It shows the desperation to obtain profits for the 2nd quarter of this year. These matches wouldn’t have been possible without the Florida State Boxing Commission & Florida State Government approving Martial Arts as an essential service.

Dana White expressed his gratitude multiple times towards the FSG, which enabled the UFC President to keep his promise as the 1st sport to return during COVID-19. However, numerous critics have expressed their anger towards Dana White. This includes the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention. However, Donald Trump is good friends with Dana White, meaning there’ll be no repercussions onto the UFC President or Florida State Government.

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Ferguson Vs Nurmagomedov Cancelled Forever

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Ferguson Vs Nurmagomedov Cancelled Forever

After the 5th time that a fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov was cancelled, everyone in the UFC Community believes this’ll be the fight that never happens. Even Dana White is beginning to think this match-up isn’t possible. It’s somewhat the final nail in the coffin for any potential of a fight occurring when the UFC President calls it quits. That wasn’t done without a prolonged effort on Dana White’s behalf. He continuously worked towards these two lightweight opponents fending off against each other, with personal issues or scheduling errors always forcing another delay. After the additional cancellation because of the COVID-19 pandemic and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s foolish actions with travelling, it appears Dana White isn’t willing to give the Russian Champion the 6th opportunity.

Dana White was questioned on the potential of a 6th fight, with the UFC President noting his fear towards scheduling this bout for the 6th time. Tony Ferguson has continuously expressed his anger and resentment towards Khabib after the Champion couldn’t leave Russia amidst COVID-19, which could’ve been avoided by Nurmagomedov remaining in the Middle East. The chances that Tony Ferguson would expel this anger in an unwarranted fashion is too extensive, prompting Dana White’s thoughts. Ferguson instead will compete against Justin Gaethje on May 9th at UFC 249, with Tony slated to win by a significant margin. There are minimal chances that Justin Gaethje will walk out of Florida as the Interim Lightweight Champion.

Religion Before Career for Khabib

The UFC Champion wouldn’t have competed against Tony Ferguson this late into the year either way. It’s Ramadan, which means Khabib is fasting for a prolonged period until the end of May. Nurmagomedov has infamously avoided fighting throughout this time, with other opponents claiming that Khabib shouldn’t be permitted to keep his champion belt when refusing to fight. Ferguson rose this point after Nurmagomedov cancelled their bout in late March.

Dana White is now proposing a secondary match-up between Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, which the Russian Fighter has refused multiple times. The UFC President will demand that Khabib fights or lose his belt for refusing, which has been a clear strategy for Nurmagomedov in the last year.

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Dana White Breaks UFC Protocols

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Dana White Breaks UFC Protocols

May 9th will mark a significant date for the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship, with multiple bouts being announced for an upcoming Pay-Per-View. One of these matches includes Justin Gaethje, who’ll be competing against Tony Ferguson. Justin wasn’t aware of the May 9th fight until it was announced publicly to supporters. This is a direct breach of UFC Protocols, which has upset Gaethje. Dana White didn’t provide the fighter with a choice, which is inappropriate when considering these men can lose their lives in the octagon. The UFC President didn’t believe it an issue, with Justin Gaethje previously being slated to compete against Tony Ferguson on April 18th. This would’ve been for UFC 249, which was ultimately cancelled because of the novel coronavirus prompting social distancing measured in America.

Justin Gaethje provided his insight regarding the unexpected announcement, speaking with ESPN reporters via videoconference. Justin mentioned that his immediate reaction was “What the Hell?”, which the UFC fighter being upset that Dana White didn’t follow standard protocols. Gaethje clarified that he understands the particular predicaments with the situation, which is why he’ll happily oblige with the May 9th fight. Justin Gaethje prefers to have a prolonged training camp, which won’t be possible this time around. He’ll be provided two weeks to hone MMA skillsets before competing against Ferguson.

Gaethje is determined to become the UFC Champion, which follows after winning three fights back-to-back. Formidable skillsets prompted him the opportunity to compete against Ferguson after Khabib Nurmagomedov backed down. This American fighter expressed that when competing for the world championship, you fight whenever and wherever the boss tells you. It should be mentioned that the three most recent bouts from Justin Gaethje saw him knockdown his opponents in the first round, getting knockouts each time.

Khabib Backs Down

The UFC Champion was forced to cancel his appearance at UFC 249. This forced decision followed after Khabib Nurmagomedov made multiple mistakes while travelling before the pandemic broke-out worldwide. He moved between America, Dubai, and Russia within two weeks. Vladimir Putin then announced that travel restrictions would be imposed for a prolonged period. Because of these restrictions, Khabib cannot compete. There’s the potential he’ll be stripped of his title for these mistakes.

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