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Mason Jones Making UFC Debut on January 20th

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Mason Jones Making UFC Debut on January 20th

The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced on December 30th that they’ve employed Mason Jones to the roster. It’s a prominent announcement for the UFC, which for weeks has confirmed fighters leaving the company & none joining because of lower salaries being offered. The first instance of Mason Jones competing in the octagon will be January 20th, where he’ll make his formal debut at “UFC Fight Island Eight”. Considering that Mason Jones in a two-division champion in Great Britain’s Cage Warriors, his debut will garner interest from thousands in the United Kingdom.

Mason Jones is making his formal debut under the Lightweight Division, which is the UFCs most popular & where competitors like Khabib Nurmagomedov have reached prominent glory. Mason is battling against Mike Davis, another individual recently contracted by UFC CEO Dana White. Analysts anticipate that Mason Jones will outfight Mike Davis, with the New Yorker having eight wins & two losses. Davis hasn’t acquired the championship for NYCs mixed martial arts division of “Pete White Boxing & MMA”.

This venue is being streamed to Americans from ESPN+ and to Canadians through TSN. Mason’s battle won’t be UFC Fight Island Eights most exciting, with prominent names in the roster slated to compete. Supporters of mixed martial arts shouldn’t take that approach with Mason Jones, an individual that’ll likely reach prominence throughout the Lightweight Division. Ten consecutive victories have been acquired by Mason Jones, with zero losses. Championship divisions held by Jones include Welterweight & Lightweight. Both were obtained within a six-month timeframe.

The Future for Mason Jones

Considering this fighter is aged twenty-five, his career is only beginning & could sustain another ten years under the UFC. Supporters of Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship should pay attention to the likely rise of Mason Jones. Some analysts have suggested that with the reputation of Jones, he could become Dana White’s replacement answer for Conor McGregor. This time instead of an Irish fighter, it’d be a British fighter leading the Lightweight Division.

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McGregor Acquires 1.3 Million PPV Views

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McGregor Acquires 1.3 Million PPV Views

The most prominent figure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is Conor McGregor. His athletic personality draws millions towards pay-per-views hosted by the UFC. Eleven months have passed since McGregor last competed in the octagon, with his former opponent Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in January 2020. Supporters wanting to witness “Notorious” return won’t have to wait long, with Dustin Poirier confirmed for UFC 257 on January 23rd.

Conor McGregor isn’t entirely focused on his upcoming bout with Dustin Poirier, as recent interviews for UFC 257 has McGregor discussing fights that happened eleven pay-per-views ago. McGregor continues to bolster how UFC 246 was the highest-viewed PPV in 2020, emphasising that UFC 251 didn’t sustain the same level of popularity. Most haven’t forgotten that McGregor’s PPV with Donald Cerrone drew more than a million viewers, marking the highest seen for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. After those views, Conor McGregor claims UFC 246 was the highest-earning of 2020.

Social media posts have been released by Conor McGregor, who congratulated the Ultimate Fighting Championship on sustaining a profitable year & claiming the UFC was the premier sporting institution to make it through the Covid pandemic. Those claims were debunked in minutes by sports analysts, showing McGregor’s continued foolishness & lack of global intelligence. Institutions like Formula One, the Association of Tennis Professionals, International Cricket, and numerous others sustained formal seasonal events in 2020.

Proven Wrong

Conor McGregor didn’t hesitate to prove his claims that UFC 246 earned higher than UFC 251. UFC Analysts would debunk falsified proof released by McGregor, with accurate information showing that both pay-per-views sustained 1.3 Million viewers. Nobody is surprised that McGregor is lying to bolster his skillsets. When defeating previous opponents, Conor suggested himself the exclusive individual to acquire championships in two divisions across the UFC. One day after those claims, it’d be learned two others accomplished the task before himself. Conor McGregor’s reputation is dropping rapidly, with 2020 proving to become the UFC fighter’s worst. He’d lose his fiancé after committing domestic abuse against the mother of his child.

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Charles Olivera Defeats Tony Ferguson

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Charles Olivera Defeats Tony Ferguson

The legendary prowess & skillsets of Tony Ferguson are becoming dismantled regularly. After Justin Gaethje defeated Ferguson earlier this year, most didn’t anticipate he’d compete until the new year. Tony returned promptly after recovering from his destructive battle with Gaethje, selecting Charles Oliveira as his next opponent. Ferguson was confident that winning this fight was guaranteed but would soon find out that Oliveira was more vital than ever.

Charles Oliveira destroyed Tony Ferguson, with onlookers & home viewers shocked by the destructive punches being laid-out against the former Interim Lightweight Champion. Reporters questioned Ferguson on what’d happened to his fighting spirit, where Tony responded that he’d return to the gym & determine what must be fixed. Never before has Tony Ferguson experienced two consecutive losses, as most analysts claim that age is beginning to limit the former champion contender.

Trainers permitted on-scene were screaming for Ferguson to improve his stance, as Charles Oliveira continued assaulting Tony with multiple takedowns. Oliveira was continually working towards submissions throughout the three rounds, as Ferguson had hardly survived the onslaught & was often saved by the round-ending bell. Anyone watching saw that Oliveira was controlling this fight, prompting his 8th consecutive victory in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Tony Ferguson didn’t respond to reporters when questioned about his performance, with the former champion contender waiting to collect his thoughts & discuss the matter over Instagram. Ferguson mentioned that he hadn’t any excuses for what had happened. Attacking combinations from Oliveira were welcomed by Ferguson, meaning his defence was minimal. Tony hadn’t accounted for the speed of Charles Oliveira.

1st Round Fear

There was an incident in the first round that saw fear strike Tony Ferguson’s eyes. Charles Oliveira performed a submission on Fergusson, which led towards an unexpected armbar. Footage shows how Tony’s arm was torqued & twisted to the point of almost breaking. If performed earlier in the first round, Ferguson would’ve likely lost the fight. Photographic evidence from Ferguson’s Instagram post highlights there wasn’t any severe damage to his left-arm & will be capable of competing again next year. UFC President Dana White will likely give Tony Ferguson another chance to win. If he loses, then retirement will be forced.

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Fighters React to UFC Roster Eliminations

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Fighters React to UFC Roster Eliminations

The Ultimate Fighting Championship confirmed last week they’d begin introducing roster reductions. It follows after financial growth for the UFC reached a stalemate, with Covid-19s Pandemic limiting the number of viewers behind each Pay-Per-View. Large percentages of UFCs roster doesn’t regularly fight, leaving management to question those fighter’s viability for 2021. UFC President Dana White was first to confirm reductions are coming, making the formal announcement at “UFC on ESPN 19”.

Multiple fighters have strategized they’ll likely be retained for next year, with others concerned that their contracts are jeopardized after Dana White’s announcement. Official statements emphasized by UFCs President noted that 60+ fighters are being eliminated from the roster before February 1st. Several weeks from the report will see prominent & forgotten names removed from roster contention.

UFC fighters likely have begun worrying & thinking about the possibility of their contracts being eliminated. Competitors like Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje, Gilbert Burns, Jon Jones, and Kamaru Usman have confidence they’ll sustain their UFC contracts into 2021. Other fighters aren’t likely maintaining that same confidence because their namesakes aren’t famous amongst viewers.

Speculation for the Future

Regardless, UFC Supporters have questioned who President Dana White is eliminating from the roster. Social media speculation indicates that prominent namesakes like Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone could lose his contract. Losing fighters of this degree could prompt lower viewership for the UFC in future PPVs. Dana White likely is treading a thin line between who’ll be eliminated & who will continue onwards.

Yoel Romero is the exclusive individual that’s been announced for UFCs roster purging. His namesake was famous for years, with Romero sustaining several seasons in the UFC. Recently his performance has dropped significantly, as most fighters become slower & weaker after passing forty. UFCs President will likely eliminate ageing fighters, with Dana White mentioning the las two months that older competitors aren’t meant for octagon contention.

UFC President Dana White is pre-emptively accounting for 2022 & beyond, knowing the next generation of fighters are arriving shortly. Older fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov have opened training facilities & begun to train younger athletes for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov’s EFC Partners with UFC

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Khabib Nurmagomedov’s EFC Partners with UFC

Weeks have passed since Khabib Nurmagomedov announced his formal retirement from mixed martial arts. Retirement was prompted after the undisputed champion lost his father to Covid-19. Dedicated supporters rallied for Nurmagomedov to make another appearance & reach thirty victories. Those calls wouldn’t be heard by Khabib, with the UFC Champion announcing his acquisition of “Gorilla Fighting Championship” in Dagestan.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has become the founder & chief executive officer of Eagle Fighting Championship, with GFC being rebranded to account for its updated leadership. Discussions with UFC President Dana White have begun with Khabib Nurmagomedov, with insider speculation indicating that promotional events under the EFC will be broadcasted on “UFC Fight Pass”. Khabib & White formalizing this broadcast partnership would benefit Nurmagomedov’s investment. Inside sources suggest that negotiations are near completion & that supporters can anticipate broadcasted EFC events by the new year.

Inside sources providing minor details on the negotiations prompted questions onto Khabib Nurmagomedov, where the retired UFC Champion noted that brokering a deal is near completion. Broadcast negotiations began after Khabib Nurmagomedov approached Dana White, informing the UFC President of acquiring the Gorilla Fighting Championship. Khabib suggested that broadcasting of his promotions be sustained on UFC Fight Pass.

UFC & EFC as One

Broadcasting isn’t the exclusive attribute associated with these negotiations. Khabib Nurmagomedov wants upcoming talent in the Eagle Fighting Championship to have an opportunity with the UFC. Discussions relate towards required title defences an EFC fighter would be necessary to sustain before being offered a UFC contract. Nurmagomedov detailed that initial contracts wouldn’t extend past six fights, giving signed fighters from the EFC a minimum of two-years for competitive dominance.

What this means for the Ultimate Fighting Championship is an increased presence of Middle Eastern & Russian fighters, the defining heritage of Khabib Nurmagomedov. When questioned by reporters if dominating over the UFC is the defining goal, the retired UFC Champion emphasized that partnership is all that’s needed. That’s because Khabib Nurmagomedov wants to become the UFC of Eastern Europe & the Middle East. That wouldn’t inflict financial damage on Dana White, with UFC popularity held most in the United States & Canada.

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