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UFC 242 – Major Fight Night in Lightweight

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UFC 242 – Major Fight Night in Lightweight

If you’re already looking for some of the best betting opportunities with the UFC, the best place to get started is the UFC Fight Night events. These happen once a month and usually feature the most significant upcoming events we’ve all been waiting for.

At UFC 242, we see some of the most significant fighting action come to life as the lightweight division once again sees Khabib step into the octagon after being suspended for nine months and sitting out for another three.

Some might recall that Khabib won the title against Conor McGregor back in October of 2018 but got suspended right after. His claim was given up for grabs until he returns, which resulted in a grand fighting opportunity for those seeking a title fight. It ended up with Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier, which was offered to many other UFC lightweight fighters, including Tony Ferguson. Dustin managed to emerge as the winner, making him the current interim title holder.

UFC 242 Fight Night Events

UFC 242 takes place on the 8th of September 2019. It would include four fights, of which three are lightweight.

The first and most significant fight of the night would involve the lightweight title. As mentioned above, the current interim holder in Dustin Poirier who needs to face Khabib Nurmagomedov. This would determine who gets to hold onto the title for good and be crowned as the ultimate lightweight fighting champion.

Khabib currently has a 27-0-0 record, which makes him one of the most amazing fighters we’ve seen in the whole of UFC. It also makes it reasonable that those odds are firmly against Dustin, but Dustin has been training hard and seems ready for the fight. He does have a more extended reach than Khabib, but his record of 25-5-0 doesn’t make him quite as impressive. With that said, Khabib has been out of the octagon for 12 months now; things could’ve changed.

The Co-main event at UFC 242 features a heavyweight fight between Shamil Abdurakhmov and Curtis Blaydes. This would once again be a massive fight as these two well matched. Sure, Shamil is a bit older at 37, but he has a better record with 20-4-0. On the other hand, Curtis is only 28, a bit taller and has an additional 10cm reach, which counts a lot for those punches. He also has just under 14kg more than Shamil, but his record of 11-2-0 doesn’t quite match up. However, he is still a rather new and young fighter with a lot to prove, which might count in his favour for the fight.

The third fight would involve Islam Makhachev and Davi Ramos. Islam has the upper hand for the battle with a record of 17-1-0 compared to Davi’s 10-2-0. Islam is also younger and has a bit longer reach. The last fight involves Mairbek Taisum with a history of 27-5-0 against Carlos Diego Ferreira with a 15-2-0. Both these fighters are in their early 30s with the same weight and only 2.6cm in reach difference.

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Best Way to Bet on MMA as a Beginner

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Best Way to Bet on MMA as a Beginner

MMA betting is rather challenging, especially when you’re not familiar with the fighters and what they are capable of. There are so many different fighting styles, and just about anything can happen in the octagon. We’ve seen champions beaten by rookies when the odds are firmly against them and fighters without lots of experience make their way to the top to become the ultimate fighting champion.

So, how do you get into MMA betting, and how could you possibly gain some profit by using the necessary details? Well, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to boost your outcome and cover yourself to ensure an advantage over a long period. Below, we look at some of the best ways to get into MMA betting and still stand a chance to claim some winnings while learning about the fighters involved.

Choose One Weight Division

If you’re going to try and cover all the weight categories, you’ll make things much harder for yourself, which is sure to result in some confusion and losses. If you don’t know the fighters, you can’t go wrong by choosing just one weight category to start with. This will help you get familiar with the soldiers much faster, giving you an edge over only a few days. For example, if you choose the lightweight division, you’ll quickly get familiar with Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson, Dustin and Khabib. These are the most prominent fighters in a lightweight and certainly the best.

Once you have the top fighters in the glass you desire, do some research about them and find out when they are fighting again. You might even pick up on some exciting challenges between the two most prominent fighters and have the opportunity to place your first bet.

Use the Odds of Betting Sites

This is an excellent way for beginners to get in on the fighting action while doing the research. You’ll find betting sites give you loads of unique details about the match and who is most likely to take the fight.

The odds of a specific fight automatically tell you who is the favourite and the underdog. Of course, most would wager on the love as he might have more experience, a better track record or just a compelling way of fighting. Before you place your bet, find out what’s the big difference between the favourite and underdog, which is sure to reveal some unique details about each fighter as well. If the odds are close, consider doing more research. One of the opponents might be better at actual fighting while the other would be great at wrestling.

You can also rely on the odds completely by betting on the favourites. To play it safe, you can choose the fights where odds are far apart. This means love is the most likely to win for multiple reasons. Choose low odds on many matches and create an accumulator bet for the best results.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov Signs new UFC Deal

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Khabib Nurmagomedov Signs new UFC Deal

Khabib Nurmagomedov signs a new deal with the UFC, which is turning out to be one of the biggest in UFC history. According to Khabib’s manager, he is currently the highest paid fighter.

Khabib has been suspended since last year October and is finally getting really to return to UFC and once again show why he is the best. The undefeated lightweight champion won the title against Conor McGregor last year, which was the same fight that got him suspended due to a post-fight attack on one of the McGregor’s training partners.

Due to suspension, Khabib’s lightweight title was put up for an interim titleholder, featuring a fight between Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. Dustin ended up winning the battle, making him the current lightweight champion and the first to fight Khabib.

The fight is booked and seems to be an incredibly lucrative opportunity for Khabib, thanks to a new multi-fight contract with UFC. He will begin by fighting against Dustin at the UFC 242 on the 7th of September in Abu Dhabi.

According to Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz, the UFC gave them precisely what they want and didn’t even try to hold back. He also says it didn’t take much negotiation to get the deal they’re after, making them happy and looking forward to upcoming fights. He also added that it’s one of the most significant guaranteed contracts in UFC history.

Up to now, Khabib has managed a fantastic track record with 11 wins and no losses. This includes the 2018 April fight against Al Iaquinta and the title victory he led against Conor. The title fight didn’t last long as Khabib managed to win by submission in the fourth round, granting him the title.

As mentioned by Khabib’s manager, we are currently looking at the greatest fighter. He manages to dominate in all his fights, winning every one of them. He has never been knocked out, beaten or even caught. He also adds that it’s the reason they got the deal they wanted from the UFC. He is currently the best, and the top fighter everyone wants to see his way to the top again.

With the proven track record, there’s little doubt that he won’t win the title again in September. Sure, Dustin has been training hard and putting in the work, but when you look at the competition, we don’t see him defeating Khabib.

If Khabib wins the title, we can expect some incredible fighting events to come, including the most prominent fighters in UFC lightweight. Of course, Tony Ferguson would like to have the first pick and so would Donald Cerrone, which is why these two are booked in an upcoming fight to see who gets the title shot against Khabib or possibly Dustin Poirier. It’s also been reported that we might see Conor and Khabib enter the octagon again, but nothing has been confirmed.

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Conor McGregor – What Will Make Him Reconsider Retirement

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Conor McGregor – What Will Make Him Reconsider Retirement

It’s been a matter in UFC that’s been on everyone’s mind when it comes to Conor McGregor. Will be Notorious be retiring or will we once again get to see him take part in the octagon to make his way to the top.

It’s been almost a year since we saw McGregor fight in UFC. The last event took place in October 2018 when he lost his title against Khabib after losing in the 4th round by tapping out. He got suspended for six months after some post-fight brawl, which has been the main reason for him not taking part in any fights.

About halfway through the suspension, we announced that he is done with UFC and will be retiring. The famous fighter announced the retirement on Twitter, sending shock waves through to the fighting world. Many were looking forward to seeing him work his way up again and get to the rematch against Khabib he always wanted.

Since the retirement, we’ve seen McGregor take the steps that make it look like his retirement isn’t entirely legit. Firstly, he shows interest in many fights and has almost taken part in a co-main event. Also, he hasn’t told UFC boss, Dana White about the retirement, which is the biggest clue we have that he would be returning.

At the same time, Conor hasn’t officially announced that he would be returning either. He has been talking to Dana White about possibilities of coming back and welcoming himself back into UFC with an event. However, up to now, no activities have been set, which is rather strange considering his suspension is just about over, and he is free to return.

What He Wants

As some of you might know, Conor is the most significant pay per view fighter in UFC history. He has contributed amazingly to the sport and got many more people involved and interested in the competition. For his contributions, he wants shares in the UFC and has said that he won’t return before he gets it.

This is where retirement started in the first place. Conor was selected for a co-main event but refused. He says he will only take place if he can get shares, but Dana White refused, stating that there is another way to make Conor happy. Not long after being refused shares, the retirement post came through, and he hasn’t changed it up to now.

As sad as it would be to see Conor leave to sport for good, it does make sense. The fighter has been the shining star of the UFC and certainly the most entertaining. The lightweight class just hasn’t been the same without him, and we all want to see Conor against Tony Ferguson, Donald Cerrone and even the current interim titleholder Dustin Poirier. At the same time, it’s understandable that he might not come back unless they give him what he wants, in which case the UFC has a lot to lose.

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Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone – Predictions

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Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone – Predictions

It’s finally been announced that Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone will be stepping into the octagon for one of the most desired matches in the lightweight division. It’s quite a big match for Tony who has been out of the fighting scene for a while as he has been attending to some personal matters. However, he is cleared by medics and ready to fight; we see him only want fights that could lead him to the title. This is one of the few battles that are sure to determine who gets the chance to fight against the titleholder, making it a massive even for both Tony and Donald.

Tony has the most on the line as the champion has never really taken part in a title fight. There’s always something standing in his way, including injuries and many other circumstances such as the mental health problems he recently had. How at 35, he can’t afford to lose if he wants to grab a shot at the title. At the same time, he cannot provide any injuries or anything that might limit him from jumping into the next fight. If he does lose, it would be a rather tough road to get back into the same position.

Even Donald Cerrone needs to keep up the winning streak he’s had since becoming a dad. The 36-year-old has been doing great in UFC and is hungry for the title. So far, he has managed to improve his track record up to now, winning three of three fights and getting ready to take the fourth as well. As with Tony, he cannot afford to lose the battle as it might also be the only shot he has at grabbing the title fight and finally getting his hands on the belt.

How they Compare

When we look at the fighting history of both these fighters, we see they are a perfect match. Tony managed to impress with the last fight against Anthony Pettis, increasing the strikes per minutes to an incredible 5.51. Cerrone isn’t far behind with a 4.28, which has only recently increased with his new drive to reach the top.

With these stats, we expect to see an action-packed fight between these two fighters, and it would strongly depend on how they react to each other. For example, if Tony manages to grab hold of the pace, it would be quite an easy fight for him, but if Cerrone goes all in and does allow Tony to take his time, he might go the other way.

Tony has excellent patience and strikes at just the right time, and even the betting sites are putting him as the favourite with odds of -185. Donald Cerrone includes odds of +160 with some bookies. It would all depend on the training as Tony would need to recover from the time he took off, which is just one of the many factors that lead us to believe this is going to be a great fight!

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