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Conor McGregor’s Zig Kinetica from Reebok

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Conor McGregor’s Zig Kinetica from Reebok

The Reebok Corporation is continuing to fight back against Nike and Adidas for popularity. It was announced today that Reebok would release the Zig Kinetica’s, a brand-new athletic sneaker that channels kinetic energy with every step made. It’s one of the most prominent announcements for the Reebok Corporation, as it was unveiled days before Conor McGregor returns to the Octagon. It also marks the 1st time that Reebok and McGregor have partnered since October 2018. The Rebook Corporation confirmed that a series of advertisements are slated to release with UFC 246. Considering that more than 10 million worldwide are anticipated to watch this fight, the potential profits for the Zig Kinetica by next week could be exponential.

The confirmation of this announcement begins the 3rd phase for Reebok’s “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, which has enabled them to become a pop-culture sensation amongst sneaker enthusiasts. This campaign is centred around individuals that reshape the culture of footwear and take risks that nobody else could. Considering that the footwear industry earns more than $25 billion yearly, it’s not surprising that Reebok would want a more significant market share percentage.

Zig Kinetica Details

The first instance of the Reebok Corporation released its Zig-Footwear Technology was 2010. The Zig-Pulse silhouettes were considered a new standard of innovation amongst footwear designers. Its disruptive concept enabled for athlete’s performance to skyrocket tenfold, with numerous individuals publicly supporting this product. Conor McGregor, one of the first to contest that the kinetic technologies implemented of this footwear weren’t a gimmick, but reality. Those that purchase any of the Zig-Footwear can anticipate a stylish design with highly functional capabilities, allowing for seamless transitions between the street and gym. It’s the perfect product for any athlete in a hurry.

Below are three of the most notable features that are provided with the Zig Kinetica’s – Conor McGregor Edition.

  • Float Ride Fuel: This is a specialized foam feature, allowing for the energy gained in the foam to be transferred outward for everyday needs.
  • The Zig Energy Shield: The return of kinetic energy can be challenging on internal systems, with this shield acting as a barrier for aesthetics. Subsequently, kinetic energy can be used without any risk to the athlete.
  • The Zig Energy Bands: The final element that crafts this unique footwear technology are the bands, which expand outside the sole and contract against a rubber band. By collecting kinetic energy, this gives a spring-like response with any movement. It’s perfect for MMA fighters or Basketball players.
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Mike Perry Picks Fight with Hollywood

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Mike Perry Picks Fight with Hollywood

Those participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship often never back down from a fight. Unfortunately, there are cases where certain fighters publicly embarrass themselves by creating media attention for no apparent reason. Most recently this applied to Mike Perry, who has threated Michael Jai White, an actor from Hollywood. This feud began when the UFC fighter viewed YouTube content that revolved around the actor, who provided knowledgeable insight on fighting for Blood & Bone, a film from 2009. This film centred around two actors from the UFC, including Gina Carano and Bob Sapp. Kimbo Slice also played a notable role in the film.

The content on YouTube displayed Michael White badmouthing Kimbo Slice, noting that he couldn’t take constructive criticism. This didn’t fit what Perry deemed respectful, which prompted the fighter to make public comments via social media. He publicly challenged the Hollywood actor, expressing that a bare-knuckle fight in his backyard would be ideal. Mike Perry also testified that Kimbo Slice could destroy Michael White in any scenario. The UFC Legend then expressed that the former MMA teachings undergone by Michael White created an individual who doesn’t know the subject anymore.

Michael White’s Response

Michael White wasn’t impressed with the statements made by Mike Perry via Twitter. The actor immediately responded to the aforementioned tweet, where he expressed that Mike Perry should learn the same MMA he was taught and that his Prison Move Technique would destroy him. White offered to teach the UFC fighter this move, claiming that if he did, Perry wouldn’t be ranked 20th in the UFC. Michael White finished his replying statement by mentioning that a bare-knuckle fight would be welcomed and that Perry is welcome to message him anytime he wants. Since that moment, the UFC Fighter has been silent on his various social media accounts.

It should be noted that Michael White isn’t the standard Hollywood actor, he’s maintained a professional martial artist career since the young age of seven. He’s acquired championship belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. Those techniques he amassed throughout his young adult life allowed him to reach critical success amongst Hollywood Elitist, appearing in notable titles like The Dark Knight. He’s also appeared in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and Tyson: The Movie. This extends to his role in Blood and Bone.

It’s not surprising that Mike Perry immediately backed down from his public fight. He clearly was trying to garner publicity towards his fighter career, which comes after having lost five of his last several fights. The most recent bout saw him getting knocked out by Geoff Neal. Perry continues to dropdown in the UFC standings and most likely won’t have a career after 2020.

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Jafari Vanier on Cerrone vs. McGregor

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Jafari Vanier on Cerrone vs. McGregor

The excitement towards the upcoming bout of Cerrone Vs. McGregor is growing daily. It’s reached the point where Amazon Prime completed a mini-documentary on the forthcoming match, where the Cowboys head coach spoke about the expectations for this fight. Jafari Vanier noted that their training methods have been kept under wraps and that McGregor has more to worry about than he believes. Being interviewed for the mini-documentary, he clarified that the Cowboy has grater submissions and kicking capabilities than the almighty Notorious. Vanier also expressed how the Cowboy has continually trained for upwards of a decade, with McGregor living a party-ESC lifestyle and only training recently. Subsequently, the differences between fighters will be significant come on the Octagon on December 18th.

Jafari didn’t claim that the Cowboy was undefeatable, with the head coaching noting that they’ve got to worry about the first round and McGregor’s left-hook. The Amazon Prime documentary determined that Conor McGregor continually has energy fade after the first round, with the Cowboy never losing momentum in ten rounds. Vanier clarified that in McGregor’s time away from the UFC, his left-hook has become weaker, and his footwork has drastically decreased. All of these elements combined make Vanier believe that the Cowboy is guaranteed to win this bout.

The Evident Winner

This most likely means that the first round between these athletes will be slow-paced, with Cerrone focusing on the moments when he can strike. The Cowboy will use the fight round to become acquainted with McGregor’s fighting style, forcing changes in his footwork to compete against Conor. The priority is to keep clear of the left-hand and wear McGregor out within the first two rounds. It should be noted that Donald Cerrone has had a 50-fight career, where he has lost several times. When it applies to Conor McGregor, he’s maintained twenty-one professional fights and won nineteen. However, it’s been four years since McGregor entered the octagon, which will put him at a significant disadvantage.

It’s become apparent after the Amazon Prime Mini-Documentary Series that Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone will win his upcoming bout. The differences between Cerrone and McGregor are drastic, which leads analysts to believe that Conor will lose by the third round. Those wanting to watch this bout can order the UFC 246 Pay-Per-View on January 18th, which will be held in Las Vegas. This will most likely be the highest-watched PPV in 2020, with the UFC earning hundreds of millions in the process.

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Cerrone Denies Recent Rumours

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Cerrone Denies Recent Rumours

The upcoming bout against Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor has been the priority story for the Ultimate Fighting Championship this month. The most recent rumour regarding this fight is that the Cowboy has been paid a significant figure to take a dive against McGregor. This rumour comes after Cerrone will receive his highest payday to date over a 13-year career. However, the contestant for the welterweight division has denied these rumours extensively.

Most analysts and fanatics have taken the side of Donald Cerrone, believing that he won’t take a dive in the fight. Cerrone has consistently trained and fought for thirteen years, with McGregor not winning any combat sporting event since 2016 against Eddie Alvarez. Since that win, he has experienced losses against Floyd Mayweather Junior and Khabib. The Cowboy straightforwardly losing to McGregor would be suggestive of a five and mark would see Dana White lose millions of fans worldwide. The potential backlash against the UFC isn’t worth the associated cost of pleasing Conor McGregor, who was barely accepted back into the fighting competition

Dana White didn’t want Conor McGregor returning to the UFC, which came after he had assaulted an elderly gentleman while intoxicated. Since 2016, McGregor has also been investigated for two instances of sexual assault. The allegations and drama surrounding McGregor could’ve been horrendous for the UFC if he returned. However, after fans pleaded for his return, McGregor was allowed back into the fighting competition for the associated profits he would bring to Dana White.

Donald Cerrone Opens Up

The Cowboy hasn’t taken these rumours lightly, with him coming out to reporters and defending himself extensively. Cerrone mentioned that not only will he defeat the Irishman and rest claim to his career, but he will also defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov for the championship title in 2020. This American MMA Fighter guaranteed that he would do everything in his power to ensure that McGregor won’t get a rematch with Khabib. The Cowboy even said that he wouldn’t listen to the UFC if they told him to throw the fight.

The Cowboy comments noted that he wouldn’t bow down from any variation of this fight and that all the rumours are bullshit. Cerrone also mentioned that no paycheque could force him to take a dive against any fighter, that he would never be able to look into the mirror going forward. Donald Cerrone finished his comments by saying he’d rather fight for free than take a dive against that pathetic Irishman, which wouldn’t set McGregor off for this upcoming fight.

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Ortega Mentions UFC Return

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Ortega Mentions UFC Return

One of the most recognizable names in the Ultimate Fighter Championship, Brian Ortega, recently had to take a leave of absence. This came during a matchup in South Korea for UFC Busan against the Korean Zombie. Unfortunately, the battle against Chan Sung Jung was terminated after the former featherweight titleholder tore his ACL. Subsequently, this means one of the league’s favourites hasn’t had a full-rounded fight for sixteen months. Brian Ortega confirmed that this isn’t the end of his fighting journey, that many years are still coming.

Ortega spoke with UFC Reporters on his condition, noting that in this session, his knee was thrown against the Octagon. This prompted his ankle to push forward, with a massive tear ensuing. Brian first believed that the sound being made was from Velcro, which quickly was revealed to be his ACL after the initial shock subsidized. Ortega continued to push onwards in the fight, hoping that the pain would deplete and that he could focus in on prior boxing skills to defeat Jung Sung. It didn’t take long for match officials to notice Ortega’s pain, which resulted in the fight being cancelled midway through the ten rounds.

Medical Assistance

Immediately after the fight was postponed, Brian Ortega was taken to medical officials on-site. He was provided three ice and hot tub baths, along with anti-inflammatory drugs. This was made in an attempt to return Ortega to the Octagon before officials had to terminate the match. Unfortunately, it was diagnosed that Ortega had torn his ACL on December 21st, thirty minutes after the injury had occurred.

Brian was benefited by the immediate action of match officials and medical staff, with the fighter confirming that he won’t have to partake in surgery to restore his ACL. Instead, doctors have given him four months of rehabilitation before his next bout his training can resume. From all accounts, Brian Ortega won’t appear in another fight until this time next year. It’s unknown if that battle will be against the Korean Zombie or another formidable opponent. We will provide our readers will all future information regarding Brian Ortega’s fighting career in the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Regardless of this scenario, fans are pleased to know that their prized fighter hasn’t been critically injured.

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