Aleksandar Rakic Extends Contract with UFC

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Aleksandar Rakic Extends Contract with UFC

After considerable deliberation regarding the future of Aleksandar Rakic, it was announced that the light heavyweight fighter would remain with the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship. This follows after prolonged discussions regarding his new contract, which is listed for an additional six-fights with this announcement. It marks the 3rd contract that the 28-year-old Austrian has completed with the UFC. Dana White and UFC Representatives haven’t revealed details regarding who he’ll be fighting for those six bouts.

UFC Experts believed that Aleksandar Rakic wouldn’t acquire another contract with the UFC, which would’ve followed after his first defeat in December 2019 at Busan. It was a split decision loss made by the judges, with supporters of Aleksandar Rakic expressing their disbelief. Most believed he’d won two of the three rounds, with this man dominating over his competition since September 2017. His record stands at four consecutive victories. Those included Justin Ledet, Jimi Manuwa, Francimar Barroso, and Devin Clark. He’s listed at the 10th highest-ranked fighter in the UFC, leaving supporters to wonder what UFC Experts are missing in their assessments.

Dustin Poirier Shutdown from Diaz Fight

Supporters behind the Light Heavyweight Division have also been looking forward to another competitor getting his next opportunity. This follows after Dustin Poirier from the Lightweight Division has rallied supporters of the UFC to demand a fight against Nate Diaz. Dustin had campaigned for this fight for a prolonged period, which started at UFC 230 when the two opponents had their matches cancelled. This cancellation is rumoured to centre around Nate Diaz, who wasn’t prepared to take on this champion fighter. Dustin has taken every avenue possible to trigger Diaz and have him return to the UFC, even verbally assaulting his younger brother.

Dustin Poirier has been told to abandon this quest, with Nate Diaz having no intentions of fighting again moving forward. This has led countless UFC Supporters and Experts to claim that Nate Diaz doesn’t have the bravery required to compete in the octagon. This would follow after he’d been knocked down in two consecutive competitions, with analysts expecting he’d lose against Dustin Poirier as well. Three knockouts back-to-back and your career is immediately over. Dustin Poirier offered to combat Nate Diaz in the octagon throughout any weight class, even providing the former champion with his favourite of 165lbs. Nate Diaz denied this potential fight, which saw Poirier respond with a boxing match. All possible versions of the two competing were turned down. Most believe that the days of Destructive Diaz is long over.