A Recap of UFC Singapore Matches

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A Recap of UFC Singapore Matches

It may come as a surprise that not many UFC fans were able to catch the Singapore event due to the time difference. While this UFC lacked having the big name fights that are known to draw attention, the matches still had an impressive turn out nevertheless. For starters, three of the fights has fighters who made history for themselves as it placed them in the top-20, or higher for the year. These titles were held by Ulka Sasaki, who was in the lead as he came out with an impressive 134.5 points. Though, Saski was also a part of the team that scored the highest amount of points (643.5). The team was composed of Song Yadong, Shane Young, Jessica Eye, Petr Yan, Sasaki, and Yan Ziaonan.

Leon Edwards was one of the fighters featured in the main event, who also managed to receive the biggest win in his career yet. Once Edwards was in the ring with Donald Cerrone, a former challenger for the title, he showed that his skills and practice has truly paid off.

Edwards vs Cerrone match

During the Edwards vs Cerrone match, the former was in the lead for the first five rounds as he held himself against the welterweight. Despite Edwards having enough pits to defeat the latter, he still couldn’t help but show a bit of concern while the scorecards were being collected and read. Despite Cerrone being the veteran of the match, Edwardes bested him by having 84 to 60 on the main strikes, while plating an impressive 37 on Cerrone during the match.

Another impressive fight that gained a fair share of views happened between Ovince Saint Preux and Tyson Pedro. While Saint Preux is definitely not known for being a submission threat in any of his matches, during this event he shocked views as he focused and managed to take Pedro down, submission style, during the third first-round. Although, once the fight has begun, Pedro did seem to be in the lead – although all he could accomplish was having one of the lowest amount of points in the events, which does not look good for his future reputation.

The Two Jessica’s

The two Jessica’s provided one fiery match for spectators. Jessica Rose-Clark started off with an impressive start over her opponent, Jessica Eye. Clark and Eye were on their toes as they were edging an 18 – 17 in significant strikes. However, Eye managed to come around in the last two rounds against Clark, take her opponent down, all while using wrestling techniques which Eye hoped the judges would take notice of.

The other fights at UFC Singapore followed with similar results as many of the fighters impressed at the last moment or are able to take down veteran fights in an attention-grabbing match-up. Nevertheless, the winners of this event are on their way to increase their UFC rank.