5 Dangerous MMA Moves Remaining Ban for 2019

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5 Dangerous MMA Moves Remaining Ban for 2019

MMA is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. While many dangerous moves are allowed to defeat the opponent, there are some that remain too dangerous.

The sport itself already requires ring-side doctors who can stop a fight at any time when the fighter shouldn’t or is unable to fight further. The following moves have been banned from MMA as they cause serious damage that could have long-lasting results.

For the 2019 MMA season, the following moves remain banned from the octagon and could lead to a disqualification as we’ve seen in the past. The sport has come a long way, making it more entertaining and allowing the fighters to use all their potential while limiting the possibility of ending their opponent’s career with a single blow.

Head Butt

The head butt is an extremely dangerous move that has been used multiple times in the past and causes huge amounts of damage. Not only does that result in splitting up and the skin around the eyes and head, but studies have shown that in fighting could result in concussions and other serious injuries that could end the career for a fighter.

Groin Strikes

Most fighters in MMA where special cups to protect their groins from the occasional mistake, but it is completely illegal for a fighter to kick or punch their opponent directly in the groin as it simply ends the fight almost instantly, making it an unfair advantage.Besides, these kicks and punches can be so hard that it even leaves long-lasting effects through the cup.

Elbow Strikes

If you’re a liar is one of the hardest bones in the body and could do some serious damage when it is being used to strike an opponent. Therefore, it has now been banned to use the elbow at all, meaning fighters are not allowed to strike their opponents with it at all. Not just head strikes, but body strikes as well.

Striking the head with an elbow could have the same long-lasting effects as head butts and body strikes could easily result in broken ribs, not to mention the damage it does to the actual elbow as well.

Gouging Eyes

Gouging eyes refers to poking your opponent in the eye, which provides an obvious advantage. Earlier this year, the rules were reviewed, and fighters are no longer allowed to extend their fingers out towards the opponent. The rule has specially been brought in to avoid eye gouging as this could also lead to serious implications that could take a fighter out of his career almost instantly.

It is now completely illegal for a fighter to extend his fingers out towards his opponent, even if they aren’t in direct contact. They have been multiple eye pokes in the past that has resulted in fights being ended, which just isn’t something we want to see in a professional MMA fight.