5 Benefits Martial Arts Brings To Children

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5 Benefits Martial Arts Brings To Children

Martial arts have been around for a very long time, but it’s around this time now where gyms are starting to accept martial arts into their programs. Specifically mixed martial arts. Even though that is happening, it may be wise to consider taking a vanilla martial arts (like kra maga, tae kwon do, karate, etc.) first, especially with kids.

As a child, there are many benefits to taking martial arts. Furthermore these benefits also apply to others who are practicing martial arts.

Balance and Posture

This is a problem for many people regardless of age, but it most likely stems from when we were between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. It’s a very basic skill but it gets often overlooked. By practicing martial arts you need to be in particular stances and as such you need to maintain a certain posture, but also balance. Poor posture leads to cramped organs, improper breathing, and more.

Memorization and Retention

When we get older, some of us claim that we have poor memory or forget things often. But even as a child, this can happen as well. For children they need to remember their parents phone numbers, emergency contact, and many other things. Martial arts can assist with memory and retention as you’ll have to memorize the particular stances and even some of the movements.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

Regardless of your age, there will be periods of time where you lack confidence or have a low self esteem. There are many studies that show that fitness can help with boosting those areas as you are getting closer to getting the ideal body you want. Martial arts for that matter is a series of exercises. Not to mention going through classes ensures you have others who are positive and are lifting you up as well.


In order to get better at something you need to practice. If you slip up on your practices, that’ll get noticed. But by devoting yourself to practice that can be filtered into various aspects of your life. For children they learn the importance of focusing and not getting distracted will ensure that they will succeed and grow. For older individuals that’s the same case but martial arts provides a facility for us to practice further.

Physical Fitness

For children, it’s important for them to learn this at a very early age as child obesity is becoming a more prominent issue. Obviously marital arts will help in losing weight and developing muscles, but for adults this really gets driven home too. In order to be healthy and continue martial arts training, it’s important to be eating properly. Children will begin to learn that while for adults this lesson gets reinforced, prompting the individual to start changing how they are living.

There are many other benefits to martial arts training for kids and adults, however these also can be moved into mixed martial arts trainings as well. Let alone any other type of physical fitness.