1.3 Million Viewers Tune in to UFC 251

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1.3 Million Viewers Tune in to UFC 251

Profits soared tenfold for the Ultimate Fighting Championship last weekend. The promise of Jorge Masvidal & Kamaru Usman competing against each other saw 1.3 million viewers purchase this PPV for $100.00, meaning that UFC 251 garnered hundreds of millions in profit. That’s because the popularity associated with Jorge Masvidal has increased since 2019 after Gamebred acquired victory over Nate Diaz. UFC supporters same Masvidal as the modernized rendition of Diaz, supporting the same egotistical attitude that’s inevitably humorous. Dana White wasn’t inclined to provide details on the company’s total profits, with finances dispersed amongst multiple organizations.

ESPN reporters questioned Dana White via videoconference shortly after UFC 251. The President remarked the success of their latest PPV that investors & himself are happy with the results. UFCs President would then utter twice the awesome-factor of Usman and Masvidal battling it out. It’s this core attribute that sustained growth volumes, more than likely accounting for lost profits since COVID-19 became an international pandemic.

The attribute of Masvidal & Usman wasn’t the sole factor adding to the lucrative profits obtained on July 11th. Dana White believes that UFC fans getting to witness fight island for the first-time increased viewership. Additional attributes include the re-entrance of Jose Aldo, Max Holloway, Amanda Ribas, and Petr Yan. All four competitors have their respective fanbases that would’ve to purchase this Pay-Per-View in hopes of their victory.

White Recalls Former Statements

The UFC President informed ESPN reporters that their last conversation detailed similar points. Remarking the same sentiments for the 2nd time, White clarified that when you combine a melting pot of top-rated fighters & then propose a new locations never-before-seen, it’s destined to create soaring profits. Dana White did mention that Jorge Masvidal played a significant factor behind their viewers, noting how Usman has struggled to acquire fans over her UFC Career.

When ESPN asked Dana White if investors & himself particular areas of improvement for their 251st Pay-Per-View, the UFC President indicated that everyone collectively had agreed nothing could’ve done better. That’s because bouts were successful, not expectedly being postponed or cancelled because of a COVID-19 infection. No infections were seen throughout UFC 251 after days of testing.