Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega Match Results

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Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega Match Results

Yet another action-filled fight as Holloway and Brain take to the ring. From the very beginning, it was easy to see Max Holloway trying every possible move, striking as hard as possible and giving every effort of dropping his opponent, but Ortega simply refused to quit or give in.

It wasn’t until the 4th round that the fight ended in a technical knockout in favour of Holloway as the repeated punches and hard knocks filly paid off in battering his opponents face. Despite the efforts to continue fighting from Brian, it was the cage side doctor ending the fight after Holloway got in a punch that completely closed Ortega’s left eye.

As the main event of Saturday’s UFC 231, the featherweight title was sure one not to miss as it was available on pay per view. The event took place in Toronto as the Scotia-bank Arena, which aired just after the UFC fighting past on FS1.

The Fight

From the very beginning, we saw great promise from Holloway. He managed to deliver precise punches, was smooth around the ring and sing knew exactly when to strike. The fight showed a number of aggressive combinations, which worked well and certainly earned him an easier fight as Ortega absorbed the punishment.

Even though it seemed to be Holloway’s fight from the start, there was no question that Ortega wasn’t going to give in easily. He might not have had the same number of strikes or done as much damage, but he certainly managed to deliver multiple hard strikes of his own. From the fight round, Ortega took a hard knock though, earning him a bloody nose, which didn’t stop him, but it certainly influenced the rest of the fight.

Those who know Ortega would see him struggling to take down Holloway and get started on the popular submission tactic that’s earned him a reputation in the past. He almost managed to get hold of Holloway a few times, which certainly had an effect, but just wasn’t enough to tilt the odds in his direction. In fact, throughout the fight, we saw Holloway need a couple of seconds after getting out of the grips, but one of the biggest things that rewarded him a victory was how quickly he recovered and jumped straight in with multiple punches once again.

With these combinations and multiple punches, the 4th round didn’t look good from the start for Ortega as he kept moving around the ring to avoid his opponent. Despite his efforts, Holloway still managed to claim his way to getting in multiple combinations.

Halfway through the 4th round, you could see Ortega’s left eye begin to swell and get surrounded by a dark blue colour, which is when the ringside doctor decided to take action and put an end to the fight, rewarding Holloway with a TKO.

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Two of the Most Memorable UFC Fights in 2018 So Far

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Two of the Most Memorable UFC Fights in 2018 So Far

2018 has certainly been an exciting year with the majority of fights giving us more than enough to talk about the next day. The octagon has certainly been one well-wroth keeping an eye on, special with major fights such as the build up to multiple Conor McGregor fights. However, with so many events in the last year, it’s hard to choose just a single fight.

Jan Blachowicz vs. Jimi Manuwa

On the 17th of Match 2018 during the 127th UFC fight night, spectators were given all the action with a rematch between these light-heavyweight strikers in London. There wasn’t much hope for the fight as the previous match in 2015 delivered a rather unexciting and dull event.

It’s clear that both the men decided this would be completely different as they entered the ring and delivered one of the best 2018 fights that continued for 3 rounds. It all started with Manuwa seemingly having the lead with his shooting style, but it didn’t last long as Blachowicz returned well and eventually go his opponent in a ramrod jaw that gave him the opportunity to throw multiple combinations at the brit who found himself wobbly, even during the first round.

The second round was somewhat the same, both men trying their best, but Blachowicz once again introduced multiple combinations with his jab. By round 3, both men were tired, drawing back the action, but still offering a power fight. However, Blachowicz once again come with a jab attack, leading him to the victory. While no knockouts formed part of the third round and no clear winners were featured, there’s no denying that Blachwicz has the match.

Yoel Roman vs. Robert Whittaker

Yet another rematch, the Yoel and Robert fight seemed somewhat unlikely after Robert beat Yoel in 2017 to claim the middleweight title and was then upgraded. He even signed to defend his title against Luke Rockhold, but due to infection was unable to fight. However, Romano stepped in and beat Robert with a knockout, making the rematch possible.
The first round was rather strange as Whittaker presented his usual game with multiple kicks and jabs. At one point is almost seemed as if it’s working on Roman, but now after the fight he was trying to lure Whittaker in instead.

By the third round, Roman’s plan was laid out and ready for action as the fighter simply came out with a mission to win. A massive right hander almost sent Whittaker down, but despite to power of the punch we say with Rockhold, Whittaker managed to hold on. In fact, he managed to come straight back with power blows of his own, causing quite the commotion with the crowed as a full-blown flight was on happening in the octagon.

The action continued with the 4th and even the 5th round, both fighters making each move count. At the end of the fight, there was no telling who the winner is as the action was just too fast and exciting to keep up with. However, Romero was technically closer to finishing his opponent, which got him the win.

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Tito Ortiz III vs Chuck Liddell is a Fight for the Future

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Tito Ortiz III vs Chuck Liddell is a Fight for the Future

The first time an event in the MMA managed to exceed a million PPV buys was in early 2006 when over a million homes watched UFC 66. The headline fight was between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell in Las Vegas, a rematch of a fearsome fight from two years earlier that only managed to do 10% of PPV business. The two legendary lightweight fighters were breaking new ground and managed to carry MMA to new heights in terms of money.

The Third Fight Between Liddell and Ortiz

More than 12 years later, “The Bad Boy” and “The Iceman” are preparing to go up against each other for a third time in Los Angeles on Saturday evening with the hopes of redefining the MMA dynamic once again in terms of earnings. “Should we be able to hit over a million in PPV buys, I’ll be making more money on this upcoming fight than all my previous fights combined,” Orbitz stated on Monday evening during his appearance on a popular MMA show.

The question is, how on earth is that actually possible? Tito Ortiz fought a total of 27 times during his career in the UFC, stretching from 1997 through 2012, and has recently even fought a total of 4 times in Bellator. Ortiz stated that he only managed to receive around 2% or 3% of PPV earnings when he was fighting in the UFC. However, for this upcoming fight, he will receive a whopping 30%. “The payout will not only be based on PPV sales but as well as sponsorship income and gate revenue,” Ortiz stated earlier this week.

Can They Reach a Million PPV?

Reaching anywhere close to a million PPV buys for the Ortiz III versus Liddell fights is far-fetched to be perfectly honest. Both these fighters are regarded as UFC champions with incredible resumes. However, both of them haven’t had a decent fights in years. Liddell, with a 21-8 record, is currently 48 years old and hasn’t been in a real fight for the last eight years. He also lost five of the last six matches before he decided to walk away from the UFC. On the other hand, Ortiz is currently 49 years of age and managed to participate in a fight in 2017. However, he will return to the octagon after a fifth neck surgery where he declared that he is done with fighting. Well, that was the case until this one rolled around.

Ortiz will essentially look for much-needed revenge as Liddell managed to knock him out on both occasions when they met in the ring. “I never wanted to come back, but its Chuck I’ll be facing, and for that alone, I’ll make an exception.” Liddell sees this fight as the perfect way to get ready for a return to the MMA. “Should I win this bout, and I feel anywhere near as good as I think I would, I will undoubtably search for another opponent.”

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Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone

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Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone

The question on everyone’s lips and mind are whether the fight of Donald Cerrone vs Conor McGregor would really take place if you could take “Cowboy” seriously, then it might as he says he is just waiting for an answer.

Cerrone Already For Next Fight

Cowboy indeed hinted that the billboards could soon announce Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone as this match might just be in the works. After his victory at the UFC Fight Night 139 over Mike Perry, Cerrone shared that the UFC already spoke to him regarding his next fight and he thought it to be a very exciting matchup. Obviously, at the moment it could mean one of many potential matchups, although several have been guessing and with the return of Cerrone to lightweight and Mc Gregor previously in the multi-division, it is one of the possibilities.

Social Media Announcements by Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone not only hinted that his next fight sounds like a very exciting option, he actually went a little further than that in his latest social media announcement, which further invites speculation. He said he is waiting and that he knows a guy. Even without any name dropping, when the social media post is added to what he said straight after his previous victory, which set a new UFC record for finishes and wins, the words from Cerrone was that is next goal is to win the lightweight UFC title.

Donald Cerrone Wants to Win the UFC Lightweight Title

At this time, he mentioned champion Khabib Nurmagonmedov, which just defended his belt successfully against no other than Conor McGregor. At the moment, McGregor is temporarily suspended by the (NSAC), the Nevada State Athlete Commission and has to wait until the hearing in December for the UFC229 brawl, yet the two MMA fighters do have a bit of history between them. At previous press conferences the two did exchange words, McGregor was criticised by Cerrone regarding his loss to Nate Diaz taking place in March 2016.

At the same time Cerrone also indicated that he was interested in a fight with McGregor, but he then already had doubts that it would ever happen. Cerrone seems more interested than ever, and if you could read between the expletives, it sounds like he is gearing up for a fight. He repeats that he doesn’t play the game and that he is waiting for him. The (him) can only be guessed at this stage, and it seems that he wants to meet face to face, it could be to encourage a fight, as he clearly states that he would love to fight the dude, although in the same sentence he states that it is not going to happen soon.

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Kelvin Gastelum reveals all from UFC injuries and the relationship with Dana White

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Kelvin Gastelum reveals all from UFC injuries and the relationship with Dana White

Kelvin Gastelum has been on the news lately and the fighter revealed all during one of his interviews. For starters, he admitted he was initially disappointed that he would have to wait a bit longer before he got his shot at winning a title. This follows the news that Gastelum was originally supposed to challenge the current middleweight champ, Robert Whittaker after both fighters finish up their coaching season for the 28th season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality TV show.

While no official dates were released, Gastelum did reveal that there was some unofficial chatter of the match happening in December. Although, any chance of that happening fell through as Whittaker publicly announced his broken hand hasn’t gone through the stages of rehab. While Gastelum was understandably disappointed, he understood completely. This means that Whittaker wouldn’t be able to return to the floor until sometime in the early months of 2019.

In the meantime, Gastelum is still active and will just have to find something else to d while he waits for his opponent to make a full recovery. This is something he is openly supportive of as he rather fights someone who is in their healthiest state before his first UFC title shot match. Even during one of his interviews with TUF 28, the anticipating fighter has even gone as far as to say that he wants to make sure Whittaker takes care of his hand injury first. Tn the brighter side of things, Gastelum won’t just be idly waiting until his match as he has another six weeks of TUF schedule tapings to deal with while he’s in Las Vegas.

Gastelum has a history of knowing how to put in the work to achieve something. Which was clearly seen during season 17 of TUF, where he was a competitor and eventually became the winner. Even though he knew the title is his ultimate goal, he’s winning to out in the work no matter what. Although Gastelum has admitted that it’s going to be a bit hard to take time for himself to train and prepare for his match next year as being a coach on the show is a full-time job that requires him to be on the clock constantly. As the fighter said it himself – he is putting 110% into his priority at the moment, which is the TUF competition.

This admission follows one of the most interesting turns of events this year as Gastelum was supposed to fight Whittaker during the latter previous match against Romero, which was a non-title fight. The presence of the UFC, Dana White admitted that Gastelum was supposed to serve as a backup fighter for Romero but had to withdraw due to personal issues that were not disclosed. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to note that White didn’t say the last part with glee.

Despite his small issues with the UFC brass, Gastelum chopped it up as constant miscommunication issues with himself, his manager, and the other team. It does appear that all is well considering he is a coach for TUF and his on the line of being a title fighter soon. As Gastelum put it himself, White allowed him to be a coach and partake in the big match – so all is well between the two.

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Easter Shows His Confidence Against Mikey Garcia as He Calls the Latter an “Easy Win”

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Easter Shows His Confidence Against Mikey Garcia as He Calls the Latter an “Easy Win”

In boxing, there are a countless number of elements that are incorporated. For starters, there are winners, and then even above the winners are champions. The champions are known for an array of reasons, mainly for having incredible skill sets due to excessive training, having more strength, and the biggest hearts and willpower to help them get through any challenges they may face in the ring.

Though each fighter may have some added ideals on this idea, such as Robert Easter Jr., who believes that something else will be needed when he has his highly anticipated match on July 28th. That something else? Easter says it is being focused. Easter is a 27-year-old Ohio based fighter who believes that his lightweight match against Mikey Garcia will have other factors in play which will determine who will be coming out on top. Other than his own strength, determination, courage, or even skill – instead, Easter is leaning heavily on having single-mindedness more than ever before in this upcoming match.

During his most recent interview, Easter expressed his delight as training and camp for the upcoming match was going tremendously. Which is great news considering that Garcia is a fan favourite and has been for a while. While the physical aspect is going without a hitch. Easter emphasised that he is trying to sharpen his mental state- especially his focus. Which in his words, has been going great as he is not distracted by the extra activities going on in the world while he’s in camp. Training is part of the focus, but it is also something that online boxing betting sites use to determine a boxers value and set odds.

Toledo is the Hometown of Garcia

While Garcia, a native of Toledo, will be fighting against Easter who has out his IBF title on the line. This fight will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and has the grace of being the main event during the showdown event, which will be aired at 10 pm. This is a break from Easter’s typical hometown routine as he travelled over 1,00 miles south to visit a gym which has grown in prominence. He is known mainly for being the brainchild of the high-profile trainer that many big names, such as David Diaz and Sakio Bika, have trained with, Kevin Cunningham – who was originally based in St. Louis before packing up and creating a nest in Florida.

22 months ago, Easter received his first championship win after winning an attention-grabbing selection against Richard Commey. After his initial win, he defended his title with three other scorecard victories, which includes a few unanimous nods over popular fighters, such as Luis Cruz and Javier Fortuna. While Garcia has him beat as he has 38-0 score, while Easter only has 21-0 with a recorded number of 14 K.O’s in the ring. In addition to that, Easter has a height advantage over his opponent as he is standing a solid five inches over Garcia’s 5’6 frame.

Going back to Easter’s original statement that focus will be the greatest determination of who will win – he has admitted that back at home he would’ve gotten distracted while training. Especially regarding that, he would focus on things that he shouldn’t, which is why he made the journey down south to visit the profession trainer and gym to go through a camp where he would be completely focused and dedicated to getting better. Before ending his sentiment, Easter explained how coach Kev broke down the science with winning a big fight such as his upcoming one – by being in a focused state of mind.

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A Recap of UFC Singapore Matches

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A Recap of UFC Singapore Matches

It may come as a surprise that not many UFC fans were able to catch the Singapore event due to the time difference. While this UFC lacked having the big name fights that are known to draw attention, the matches still had an impressive turn out nevertheless. For starters, three of the fights has fighters who made history for themselves as it placed them in the top-20, or higher for the year. These titles were held by Ulka Sasaki, who was in the lead as he came out with an impressive 134.5 points. Though, Saski was also a part of the team that scored the highest amount of points (643.5). The team was composed of Song Yadong, Shane Young, Jessica Eye, Petr Yan, Sasaki, and Yan Ziaonan.

Leon Edwards was one of the fighters featured in the main event, who also managed to receive the biggest win in his career yet. Once Edwards was in the ring with Donald Cerrone, a former challenger for the title, he showed that his skills and practice has truly paid off.

Edwards vs Cerrone match

During the Edwards vs Cerrone match, the former was in the lead for the first five rounds as he held himself against the welterweight. Despite Edwards having enough pits to defeat the latter, he still couldn’t help but show a bit of concern while the scorecards were being collected and read. Despite Cerrone being the veteran of the match, Edwardes bested him by having 84 to 60 on the main strikes, while plating an impressive 37 on Cerrone during the match.

Another impressive fight that gained a fair share of views happened between Ovince Saint Preux and Tyson Pedro. While Saint Preux is definitely not known for being a submission threat in any of his matches, during this event he shocked views as he focused and managed to take Pedro down, submission style, during the third first-round. Although, once the fight has begun, Pedro did seem to be in the lead – although all he could accomplish was having one of the lowest amount of points in the events, which does not look good for his future reputation.

The Two Jessica’s

The two Jessica’s provided one fiery match for spectators. Jessica Rose-Clark started off with an impressive start over her opponent, Jessica Eye. Clark and Eye were on their toes as they were edging an 18 – 17 in significant strikes. However, Eye managed to come around in the last two rounds against Clark, take her opponent down, all while using wrestling techniques which Eye hoped the judges would take notice of.

The other fights at UFC Singapore followed with similar results as many of the fighters impressed at the last moment or are able to take down veteran fights in an attention-grabbing match-up. Nevertheless, the winners of this event are on their way to increase their UFC rank.

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